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Cranky Crankshaft Seals

Sometimes the least expensive parts are the most time-consuming to replace. This is the case with crankshaft oil seals.

Head Gaskets And Head Lift

Head lift is not the whole head that is lifting from the block, but is a distortion in specific areas of the head and block interface where the head gasket is installed. This distortion can damage the head gaskets and head bolts.

VIDEO: Symptoms Of A Head Gasket Leak

Andrew Markel discusses common symptoms pointing to a failed or leaking head gasket, and the tools needed to diagnose the issues. Sponsored by Bar’s Leaks.

Rear Main Seal Diagnostics Q&A

Solving why the seal failed in the first place is critical to preventing a labor-intensive comeback. Here are six questions you should be asking yourself before, during and after a rear main seal job.

Diagnosing V8 Engine Leaks

You already know that there are plenty of BMWs with V8 engines on the road today, but you might be surprised that they can have issues with oil leaks. Inevitably, some of these will find their way to your shop in need of service, so here are some common items to be aware of when they arrive at your shop for repairs. In this article, I will focus on valve covers, the front upper timing chain covers and the alternator bracket gasket.

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VIDEO: Diagnosing Head Gasket Leaks

Andrew Markel shows how to test if an issue is truly related to a head gasket leak and not something else. Sponsored by MAHLE.

ASE A1 Task List: Gaskets

Passing the ASE A1 can be difficult. Do not go into this test with the notion that this is an exam for engine rebuilders. Many of the tasks in the A1 task list are required every day at general repair shops for top-end engine repairs.

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VIDEO: Three Tips To Replace Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Andrew Markel explains how exhaust manifold gaskets on some engines can be difficult to work with. The video also offers some pro tips to make the job easier, including using anti-seize and induction heating. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Understanding Modern Engine Intake, Water Pump And Thermostat Gaskets

Andrew Markel discusses new gasket designs and how they are used on modern engines. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Engine Gasket Guide: Are You Pairing The Gasket With The Correct Sealant And Surface?

There are endless combinations of engines, applications and gaskets on the market. But how do you match the gasket with the correct installation procedures? Here is a quick guide on how to match gaskets with the correct sealants and surface treatments.

Head Gaskets: Q&A Session

Cylinder head gasket design has become more sophisticated than in years past. The following FAQs on head gaskets may give you a better understanding of why you need to pay attention when replacing a head gasket on a late model vehicle.

Head Gasket Do’s And Don’ts

To ensure accurate torque values and to avoid cracking the cylinder block, clean any dust, dirt, oil and fluid from the cylinder block head bolt holes before installing the new head gasket and head bolts. Never lubricate the head bolts with a friction-modified oil. Unless otherwise specified, lightly lubricate the bolt threads with 30w non-detergent motor oil.