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Memory Lane: Nuts, Bolts And Screws – Finishing A Chevy Restoration Project

Gary Goms discusses the mechanical challenges of restoring a truck that he began maintaining when he went to work in a gas station – back in 1957!

Timing Belt Replacement on Jeep’s 2.4L PowerTech Engine

In its short life, the engine was available in the 2002-’06 Jeep Liberty (first generation), as well as the 2004-’06 Jeep Wrangler, but was discontinued when Jeep introduced the Compass and Patriot small crossovers.

King Engine Bearings Launches Facebook Page

King Engine Bearings, a leader in automotive, aviation and high-performance engine bearings, has launched an official Facebook page for business customers and consumers. The company is encouraging people to “like” the page in order to receive the latest updates on King products, events, technical data and industry news.

Diagnosing Murphy’s Law Under the Hood of a Ford F-150

Most of us working in the automotive service trades are very familiar with Murphy’s Law and how it affects our shop’s cost of doing business. Murphy’s Law says, “Everything that can go wrong usually will go wrong.” Gary Goms investigates a mysterious engine noise in a 1989 Ford F-150 pickup equipped with the venerable 5.0L or 302 cubic-inch V8 engine.

Tech Tip: Ford Camshaft Tick Noise

Some of the affected vehicles built Jan. 17, 2006 and later equipped with the 3.0L 4V Duratec engine with exhaust camshaft-driven water pumps may exhibit a ticking noise from the left bank cylinder head with the engine at normal operating temperature.

Tech Feature: Straight Up Look at the Vortec 3500 Straight-Five Engine

The five-cylinder was seen as a way to achieve better fuel economy and performance than the six, but with more power and torque than the four.

Tech Tip: Toyota Matrix MIL ON/DTC’s P0011, P0012 or P0016 Set

Under certain conditions, customers may experience an MIL On condition with DTC P0011, P0012 or P0016 stored in the Engine Control Module/ECM.

Tech Spec: Nailing Down the Misunderstood Buick Nailhead

Like the Small Block Chevy, the Rocket 88 Olds, the Ford Flathead and the Chrysler Hemi, the Buick Nailhead engine is one of those that has the immortal smell of history all over it. Yet, unlike its more familiar brothers, cousins and even competitors, the Nailhead has an aura of mystery about it as well.

MAHLE Clevite Inc. Adds Clevite Engine Bearings to its Light Vehicle Electronic Catalog – Launchpad

MAHLE Clevite Inc. has added Clevite engine bearings (1990 and newer applications) to its light vehicle electronic catalog offered through Launchpad (a portal of eCatalogs). The addition of 1990 and newer engine bearings completes the eCatalog’s light vehicle product offering – which also includes pistons, piston rings, filters, turbochargers and gaskets (also 1990 and newer).

Tech Tip: Stuck Oil Pressure Relief Valve on 2001-’02 Chrysler 3.3L and 3.8L Engines

There have been reported incidents of stuck oil pressure relief valve assemblies in the chain case cover. With a stuck oil pressure relief valve, the oil pressure is not regulated as it is supposed to be, resulting in possible low oil pressure and engine damage due to oil starvation.

Tech Update: Gaskets, Seals, Sealants and Fasteners

Some gaskets can go the distance, while others can not. The factors that typically cause a gasket to fail include age, heat, thermal expansion, abrasion, pressure, vibration, corrosion, material breakdown or poor design.

Tech Feature: Taking it to the Streets

We have all seen in our industry that a “streetable” racing engine or a “raceable” street engine appeals to a broad spectrum of potential engine buyers because of its flexibility. Yet, everyday street driving is not the same thing as serious drag racing.