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Test Relays With Relay Fuse Buddy From Electronic Specialties

This tester connects in place of the relay and allows control of circuit power downstream of the relay.

Electronic Specialties Offers Forehead IR Thermometer

DT-8806H is an FDA-approved device and is capable of safely measuring forehead temperatures. It can be used on customers and employees in today’s COVID situations.

Electronic Specialties Introduces New EZ-Tach +Plus

A compact instrument designed for easy use while setting idle speeds and tuning.

Electronic Specialties Offers 70-Pc. Diagnostic Test Kit

The kit enables diagnostic and testing connections to most automotive vehicle connectors, both foreign and domestic.

Electronic Specialties Introduces New 10-Piece Back Probe Kit

Electronic Specialties’ new No. 804 10-piece back probe kit features the company’s most popular back probes. Designed for diagnostic and electrical troubleshooting, each probe connects to standard 4mm banana plugs.

Electronic Specialties Automotive Test Probe Kit Includes Extended Length Test Leads

These new test leads fit almost all digital multimeters and can also be used with hand-held scopes.

Electronic Specialties Introduces Universal Test Connector Kit

This 54-piece kit features the company’s widest variety assortment with 26 different connectors.

Electronic Specialties Offers 10-Foot Test Leads With Screw-Off Alligator Clips

The alligator clips screw on and off, so the test lead can be clamped permanently to the test point, freeing the tech’s hands for other tasks.

Electronic Specialties Introduces Wire Piercing Test Clips

The wire-piercing clip makes electrical contact with insulated wires, therefore no wire stripping is needed.

Electronic Specialties Offers 48V LOADpro Dynamic Test Leads

LOADpro 48V test leads were designed specifically for finding wiring faults in electric lift trucks, automotive, light truck and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. They work with almost any digital multimeter.

Electronic Specialties Develops New Buddy For Fuse Testing

Electronic Specialties, Inc. has developed a new Fuse Buddy product that tests all three major fused circuits. Model 309 testing coverage includes ATO, MINI and new MICRO fused circuits.

Test 12- And 24-Volt Relays With Relay Buddy Pro Kit From Electronic Specialties

Should the relay fail the test, one of three different trouble codes will indicate the cause of the failure. The 193 Pro Test Kit includes Relay Buddy, five test adapters and blow-mold case.