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VIDEO: Spark Plug Torque Specifications

What determines the torque specs on a spark plug? Is it the engine? The spark plug itself? or multiple factors? Find out as Andrew Markel explains! Sponsored by DENSO.

VIDEO: Detecting Leaks With A Scan Tool?

Andrew Markel explains how a scan tool can be used to detect a leak in the exhaust manifold. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Window Regulator Servicing Tips

Understand these eight tips to help you better understand how to repair window regulators.

Stretch Belts: New Belt Opportunity

Stretch belts can take loads off of the main accessory belt drive, allow for better packaging, and solve NVH problems that can occur with a longer serpentine belt. Less belt means less tension and fewer noise and vibration problems.

Rental Car Evolution Presents Service Opportunities & Can Extend Your Shop’s Car Count

There are a growing number of privately owned rental fleets. These fleets are not big businesses, but rather small ones that are run by private individuals. You can find them with mobile apps and websites like Turo and Uber.

VIDEO: Checking The Voltage On A Fuel Pump

Andrew Markel explains how modern vehicles have pressure sensors that send out a voltage signal, and how a diagnosis can be made by measuring the signals with a scope. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Winter Battery Service Best Practices

Most shops in colder climates start to see an influx of customers with battery service needs as the holidays approach. Perhaps more than any other maintenance category, being proactive about taking care of your customers with dying or dead batteries is essential this time of year.

Alternator Testing: What Is The Correct Voltage?

For some alternators, it’s normal to see as low as 13 volts. For some, a constant 13.6 volts is an indication of a problem. For others, it’s normal to see as high as 16 volts for long stretches. Still, it’s perfectly normal for others to see the alternator not charge at all intermittently.

The Duramax Dilemma: Injector Circuit Diagnostics

The owner of this GM Duramax was headed to Montana on vacation with his family and camper trailer in tow. After stopping for lunch, the owner was dismayed to find that his Duramax immediately went into “limp mode” as the engine started.

Electronic Specialties Introduces Wire Piercing Test Clips

The wire-piercing clip makes electrical contact with insulated wires, therefore no wire stripping is needed.

VIDEO: Headlight Maintenance Opportunities

Andrew Markel discusses headlight service opportunities for the fall and winter seasons, including solutions for lights that are cloudy or dim. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Understanding Bias Voltage

Andrew Markel goes over bias voltage and how this startup process allows a handshake between modules and sensors. Sponsored by Standard.