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Jump Starting an EV

If an EV with a full battery won’t start, here’s how you can get it up and running.

EV Opportunities

You are gaining and retaining many service opportunities with Evs.

Forecast: 80% Drop In U.S. Transportation Emissions By 2050

NREL says rapid adoption of zero-emission vehicles is critical to reduce emissions.

EV Charging Systems

For an electric vehicle to recharge rapidly, it requires more power, and in a different format.

Tesla Diagnostics

There are three levels of Tesla diagnostics and repairs

HV/EV Lifting Guidelines

Being able to lift an EV or HEV vehicle properly is a roadblock many shops face.

ZF Showcases Smart Vehicle Technologies at CES

ZF says these smart technologies with advanced core intelligence will advance safety in automated and electrified vehicles.

EV Batteries: Design, Function And Handling

Knowledge of HV batteries, OEM procedures and special tools are all important to ensure a complete, safe and quality repair.

IDTechEx: What Sells Electric Cars?

A long-range battery-electric vehicle (BEV) sells for 60% of its original price, but a short range one retrieves only 20%.

EV Conversions For Classic Cars

Folks like Elon Musk of Tesla are betting big on EVs, and so are the major car manufacturers like VW, Volvo, GM and Ford.

GM Debuts Wireless Battery Management System

This technology was developed in collaboration with Analog Devices Inc.

Electrify America Unveils Electric Vehicle Campaign

The ‘Hello, Freedom’ campaign is designed to drive awareness for the brand and charging station availability.