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Is This The Golden Age Of Technicians?

During the past decade, training during the workday has become a more acceptable practice, both in-person and virtually.

We Have The Cure!

Shops have the power to slow down a crisis larger than the Coronavirus!

It Really Isn’t That Bad: Ask Yourself Why You Came To Work This Morning

If you are a regular reader of my columns, you may have noticed that I have been a little negative lately. I have been writing about topics like technician image, unethical shops and other gripes about our industry. Last month, I got a letter from an older tech wanting to get out of the industry because he felt vehicles were getting more complex while monetary compensation was not growing at the same rate. He cited one of my editorials as something that resonated with some of his own grievances. At first, I felt guilty.

Directions: Parts Cabinet Potential

When I was a small child, I spent weekends at my grandfather’s Chevron station in Denver. I remember the row of brightly colored cabinets and special displays he had for parts. There were cabinets for light bulbs, brake pads, bearings and many more parts that I have since forgotten. Typically, these cabinets were given to

Parts cabinet