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Limited Slip Differential Fluid Service

There are several differential designs you might see in the field.

Driveshafts: Can 10,000 Applications Really Be Covered By Two Parts?

Shops and part suppliers are always looking for ways to make technicians’ lives a little easier. In recent years, many parts like CV axles, strut/spring assemblies and suspension control arms have been introduced to allow technicians to simply install a complete component instead of repairing parts of the existing assembly. But this parts philosophy does

Drivetrain: Diagnostic Test Drive

Once the vehicle is moving, you might hear a whine coming from the center of the vehicle.

VIDEO: Missed Drivetrain Maintenance Opportunities

Take time to look up the service interval information. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Driveshaft Universal Joint Tips And Techniques

Before removing the driveshaft, check for play in the yoke and slip joint. If the u-joints are failing, you should be able to see movement in the shaft as you apply leverage.

CV Axle Diagnostic And Service Tips

When a CV axle fails, it is for a reason. Rarely will an axle fail because it is just worn out. The failure of an axle can usually be traced to torn boot, alignment issue or a problem with components attached to the axle. Axle Alignment If the subframe or mounts are misaligned, the geometry

Driveline System Balance Adjustment Using an Electronic Vibration Analyzer

2005 Saturn Truck VUE AWD V6 3.5L VIN 4

Ford Tech Tip: Drivetrain – Rear Axle Seal(s) Leaking

Some Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles may exhibit oil separation from the internal lube found in the unitized cartridge seal. This oil separation appears to be, and is often misdiagnosed, as an axle lube leak.