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Tech Tip: Dodge/Jeep Engine Misfire at Idle

This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a 3.7L engine in which the customer may experience occasional engine misfire at idle. The malfunction indicator lamp may illuminate for single or multiple cylinder misfire.

Learning Curves – How Education and Training Paved the Way for Tom Palermo’s Career Path

In November, Palermo was named the 2011 Best Tech of the Year recipient, a program sponsored by WIX Filters to recognize the skills and professionalism of today’s automotive technicians. This was the first year for the award.

Book Report: Automotive Electrical Performance Projects

For the automotive professional with electrical experience, Automotive Electrical Performance Projects by Tony Candela is a great edition to their technical library as it details a variety of popular performance project upgrades. In this “Performance Projects Series” title from CarTech books, brilliant color photos and explanatory step-by-step captions detail the installation of the most functional and beneficial upgrades for enthusiasts of varying skill levels.

Pulling Codes: The Story of Codes P1128 and P1129

It was Saturday, June 11, 2011, at 8:30 in the morning. I had just arrived at an automotive repair facility located in Merriville, IN, owned by a very good friend of mine. The reason for my visit that morning was the challenge of a 2008 Chrysler 300 VIN Code R with a 2.7L engine. This vehicle appeared to operate properly until it reached cruising speed, and then once cruising speed was obtained, the vehicle would actually hiccup and set a pending code for P1128 and P1129. This hiccup could more accurately be defined as a “fishbite” reaction that was felt at cruising speed.

Tech Tip: Tacoma’s MIL Is On with DTC P0705 Set

Some 2005-’09 model year Toyota Tacoma vehicles may exhibit an MIL On condition with DTC P0705 (Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction [PRNDL Input]) stored.

Tech Tip: Chrysler Vehicle (300/Magnum/Charger) Has Multiple DTCs Set, MIL Illuminated

This bulletin involves repositioning the upstream oxygen (O2) sensor connectors and replacing the wiring harness connector(s) and O2 sensor(s) as necessary.

Tech Tip: Ford Traction Control Light On/No DTC, or DTC P1889

Some 2005-’07 Five Hundred, Freestyle and Montego vehicles equipped with all wheel drive (AWD) may exhibit the traction control warning lamp on.

Directions: The Price of Neglect

While it’s good for independent repair shops that more than half of American drivers said they are holding onto their older vehicle because they do not want the financial burden of a new one, about 25% of car owners today admitted to neglecting repairs and maintenance on their vehicles in the past 12 months due to the economic climate.

Tech Talk: Boosting Your Technical Knowledge on Turbos

Supercharger and turbocharger Q & A with Dave Hobbs,
Delphi Product & Service Solutions service trainer. In addition to his work with Delphi, Dave Hobbs serves as an instructor for Indiana’s Ivy Tech Community College. He is also a frequent speaker at national training seminars, is a qualified hybrid instructor and writes for various industry magazines.

Tech Spec: Retro Work – Service Tips for the PT Cruiser

Although classified as a truck in the U.S. by the NHTSA for CAFE fuel economy reasons, The PT Cruiser was considered to be more like a car by most other standards.

Tech Tip: Kia Has Intermittent MIL On with No Fault Code Stored

In affected vehicles, an intermittent short to ground in a circuit only intended for testing purposes may cause the MIL to illuminate and a DTC P1330 (Spark Timing Adjust) to be stored. As soon as the fault disappears, the MIL may turn off and the fault code can also be immediately erased by the engine management system, making it hard to diagnose the concern.

Tech Feature: Kia Driveability Diagnostics

We’ll be taking a look at the Kia line of cars and SUVs this month with an eye toward driveability issues and check engine light concerns. My first point is that there should be no trepidation when a Kia finds its way to your bay. Kias enjoy a solid dealer network, good parts availability and a no-charge website for repair information so there is no reason that you shouldn’t welcome them into your shop.