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Fuel For Thought: A Study On The Causes Of Foul Fuel

In this study on the causes for foul fuel finding its way into your customer’s vehicle tank, we find that there are normally three reasons – refinery mistakes, poor

Ford Tech Tip: Cackling Powerstroke Injector

Some Ford diesel vehicles with the 7.3L engine may experience a misfire or “cackle.” The injectors in the 7.3L diesel run off of the high-pressure engine oil pump.The #8 injector is the farthest away from the oil pump, causing a filling problem, which may result in a misfire. Ford replaced the #8 injector in some vehicles as needed with a different injector to solve the problem.

Tech Feature: Diagnosing Diesel Injector Problems

Injectors can fail in ways other than becoming just worn out or tired. Diesel guru Bob McDonald discusses common and not so common injector fails.

2013 VISION Set to Offer Power-Packed Industry Training

Four full days of education cover management, technical and educator topics. Registration for individual courses will be available Feb. 15.

Diagnostic Dilemmas: Multiple Failure Diagnostics On High Mileage Engines

Gary Goms explains that in tough economic times, a driver has no way of knowing how many maintenance-based and component-based failures will accumulate before he or she can afford to have a technician investigate the problem once a Check Engine light comes on.

Phaser-Style Variable Valve Timing System Controls And Operation

Phasers commonly can be found on just the exhaust cam or on both the intake and exhaust cams.

Tech Tip: Subaru Impreza With DTCs P0705, P0851, P2746, P2750 And/Or No Crank, No Start

If you receive a customer concern of a Check Engine light, AT Temp light or a no engine crank condition, the wiring harnesses to the transmission range sensor (inhibitor switch) should be closely inspected for damage or a short circuit to the CVT transmission case.

Diagnostic Solutions: No-Code Sensor Failures

Import Specialist Contributor Gary Goms takes a look at how to utilize one or more scan tool features to detect an intermittent, no-code sensor failure.

Tech Tip: Kia Check Engine Light Is On With MAF Sensor Code

Kia Rio’s check engine light is on and there is a mass air flow (MAF) sensor range/performance code in the system. The engine will hesitate at times.

Tech Tip: Replacing an AF10058 MAF Sensor with a Probe-Only Design

Contamination is a key reason why mass air flow (MAF) sensors fail and require replacement. As air, dirt and other debris get into the sensor, the parts become contaminated and result in failure. Drivers often notice sluggish performance, rough idling or even stalling. There may also be a more frequent need to refuel.

Acura Tech Tip: Multiple VSA DTCs Due to Brake Switch

VSA Indicator or Trailer Stability Assist Warning is on intermittently with DTC 59-1, 66-1, 67-1 or 69-1 present. Also, won’t come out of park.

Tech Tip: Kia Experiences Hesitation/MIL On, DTC P0123

Some 2001-’06 Optima models equipped with the 2.5L or 2.7L (V6) Delta engine and some Sportage models equipped with the 2.7L (V6) Delta engine, are applicable for this bulletin.