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Understanding Stretch-Fit Belt Applications

Stretch belts can last 100,000 miles or more depending on the vehicle’s environment and where it is mounted.

VIDEO: What Is A Torsional Vibration In The Belt Drive And Pulley System?

Andrew Markel covers how the movement of the pistons create torsional vibrations in the belt drive system. These small changes in the speed of the crankshaft can cause vibration in the alternator and belt drive system. If the vibration goes unchecked, it could lead to belt wear and component failure. Sponsored by Litens.

Look, Listen And Feel: Inspecting Modern Drive Belts

If you look at some new owners’ manual maintenance schedules, you might notice that many automakers are no longer including a replacement interval for the drive belts. You may think that it is a clerical error, but OEMs want technicians to regularly inspect belts because they expire at varying rates, depending on how they wear on the vehicle.

Inspect The Belt Before The Replacement Interval

If you have looked at some maintenance schedules on late-model cars and trucks, you may notice that there have been some changes to the interval schedule for drive belts. Some manufacturers like GM are shifting to an inspection of the drive belt, instead of specifying a set replacement interval. While some manufacturers like Chrysler are recommending a 120,000-mile replacement interval in the owner’s manual.