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A/C Update: Risky Business

As you may know, the air conditioning compressors in many hybrid vehicles are operated by an electric motor instead of a drive belt. The motor’s insulated windings are immersed in the compressor’s lubricating oil. The oils used in these compressors are formulated to have high dielectric properties, that makes them non-conductive.

Tech Tip: Acura’s Battery is Dead, A/C Cools Poorly

If a 2007-2011 Acura MDX’s battery dies after the vehicle is parked for a short time or overnight, and/or the A/C system blows warm air, the A/C compressor clutch relay may be stuck closed. The A/C compressor may also be noisy and may be emitting refrigerant vapor from the relief valve.

Nissan: Solving Rotating Electrical Issues

Maybe the warning light on the dash has caught the attention of the customer who was lucky enough to make it to your shop, or not so lucky and their car needs to be towed, says Import Specialist Contributor Bob Dowie. Whatever the scenario, don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions when diagnosing rotating electrical issues.

Driving Technology: The Quest for Improved Battery Output

The search is on for new materials to boost battery energy storage and output.

Cadillac Ciel Concept Celebrates the Journey

The spacious and elegant concept car Ciel is powered by a twin-turbocharged version of the 3.6-liter Direct Injection V-6 engine, paired with a hybrid system using lithium-ion battery technology. The Ciel – pronounced “C-L,” the French translation for sky – is a four-seat convertible that opens a new chapter in Cadillac’s design and product ascent, pushing the brand’s Art & Science philosophy into a new stratum.

Tech Feature: Subaru Service Essentials

My stint at being a service advisor for a number of dealer service departments over the years gave me a lot of experience in “bundling” services into a package. Having a service plan or “menu” built value for the customer. It also provided the service department with reliable income. Though there are good and bad points to service menus, the basic idea is a good one, and works well for any kind of automotive service or repair facility.

Is TPMS a Headache or an Opportunity?

A decade after the TREAD Act and almost four years into mandatory TPMS on all passenger vehicles in the U.S., one can fairly ask: Is TPMS still a headache for the industry, or has it become a profit opportunity for shops? There are varying opinions, and ultimately the reader will have to decide.

Diagnostic Dilemmas: When Over-Voltages Electrocute PCMs

During the past nine months, I’ve had three instances of powertrain control module (PCM) failures on Jeep Wrangler vehicles that were evidently caused by an over-voltage condition. The first case involved an owner who requested that a local shop replace the fuel pump because his 1998 Wrangler was slow-starting in the morning. The shop found the pump pressure was marginal and replaced the pump. Because the Jeep still had the problem, the owner complained about the fuel pump, first to the shop and then to the local jobber supplying the pump.

A/C Update: Servicing Saturn’s First Generation S-Series A/C Compressors

The 1994 Saturn A/C compressor, used on vehicle models produced from 1991 to 1994, is a variable displacement rotary vane-type pump. The rotor assembly houses five lightweight vanes that extend outward contacting the cylinder wall, creating the compression area. The compressor has an interior control valve that allows it to change its pumping capacity or displacement, reacting to heat loads on the A/C system.

Tech Feature: Don’t Be Restrained from Servicing Airbag Systems

Airbags, along with other components of safety restraint systems, are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and misinformation can spread like wildfire. Here’s what you need to know to restore them to OEM standards.

Tech Update: HVAC Diagnostics

Leave it to the OEMs to take a simple system like heating and air conditioning and turn it into an electronic jumble of wiring, sensors and computer components.

Tool Tip: Honda Revises Alternator Testing Procedures

American Honda is developing new equipment and procedures for testing alternators and starters. Until this equipment is released, use the following information.