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Hybrid Fluid Service 101

Does the phrase ­”hybrid fluid maintenance” scare you? It shouldn’t. With more than 3 million hybrids on the road, and many of your customers ­considering purchasing one, servicing hybrid ­vehicles is in your future. Some special procedures must be followed when working on a hybrid.

Air Conditioning System Advances Change Service Opportunities

The attention-grabbing headline in the world of air conditioning is usually the switching of refrigerants as the industry and regulators continue to search for the next level of environmental friendliness. But the underrated A/C story that’s slowly developed during the same time period is the overall improvement of A/C systems.

EPA To Propose Eliminating Use Of 134a In Vehicles, Consumer Products

According to the agency, a proposed rule will be issued this summer to withdraw approval for 134a for use in new motor vehicles and as an aerosol in consumer products. EPA pointed to the availability of substitutes for 134a in both motor vehicles and consumer products including 1234yf, which was approved under SNAP for use on vehicles.

Relax – R1234yf Is Not The End Of The World

I attended the Mobile Air Conditioning Society’s 2014 Training Event and Trade Show in New Orleans last month. The main topic of discussion was R1234yf, or “twelve-thirty-four” in A/C lingo. There has been a lot of hype about the changeover to this refrigerant. Don’t panic. The reality is that it is not the “air conditioning apocalypse” some are predicting.

Tech Tip: The Hybrid Compressor – Know The Difference

HVAC systems differ from one hybrid to the next, and some systems have used a scroll compressor, which can be powered via a belt when the engine is running, or electrically when the engine is off. Most of the newer hybrids have changed to an inverter compressor, which is a high-voltage electrical motor.

Is A New Refrigerant Going To Replace R-134a?

Yes, but the question is when? The new refrigerant is HFO-1234yf. Its cooling performance is very close to R-134a (the refrigerant that is currently used in all new cars and trucks), but it has a much lower Global Warming Potential Rating (only 4 versus 1430 for R-134a), making HFO-1234yf a much better refrigerant in terms of its potential impact on climate change.

Study Concludes That Honeywell’s New Automobile Refrigerant Has Lower Global Warming Potential Than Carbon Dioxide

While Honeywell’s recent PR efforts have been focused on refuting the concerns over the safety of its new refrigerant, this week the company has reported that a new study has found that its low-global-warming refrigerant, HFO-1234yf, has a global-warming potential (GWP) four times lower than previously calculated – below that of carbon dioxide – enhancing its standing as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Directions: SAE Clears The Air On HFO-1234yf A/C Refrigerant

Honeywell has reported that SAE International has deemed its new low-global-warming-potential mobile air conditioning refrigerant – HFO-1234yf – safe for use in motor vehicles. SAE made the recommendation following an expanded and extensive evaluation.

A/C Update: Compressor Inspection May Lead To Worn Clutch Problem

When a customer comes in complaining that their vehicle’s A/C system is working improperly, the problem can stem from a number of things. And the best way to begin any A/C repair is with a thorough inspection of the components. After checking components like the belts, the hoses and the related connections, the next step is a visual inspection of the A/C compressor.

Tool Tip: General Practices When Using Refrigerant Leak Detection Dye or an Electronic Leak Detector

Leak Detection Dye 1. Operate the vehicle for a minimum of 20 minutes with the compressor running to circulate the leak detection dye throughout the air conditioning system. For passive or intermittent leaks, it may take longer than 20 minutes for the dye to find the leak and be visible during the inspection. 2. Use

Making The RRRight Decision: Buying A New Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Buying a new refrigerant Recovery/Recycle/Recharge machine can be a bit overwhelming. The item is expensive and complicated, and there are a lot of choices out there. Each manufacturer has a compelling story to tell about why its machine is the only logical choice. Hopefully the following article will help you make a good decision for your particular needs.

A/C Update – Are Your Techs ‘Overcharging?’

In the world of public opinion, if you were asked if your technicians were overcharging your customers, you might interpret that as an issue pertaining to the customer’s repair bill. However, in the world of mobile air conditioning service, we’re referring to the problem of some vehicle A/C systems being (unknowingly) charged with too much refrigerant.