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Air Cleaners and Carbureted Vehicles (VIDEO)

It’s important to remember to use a high-quality filter that’s made specifically for the application. Sponsored by FRAM.

Understanding How To Tune Carburetors

A good carburetor tune can make an engine, while a carburetor that’s mistuned can literally break an engine. A good tune means the engine should start and idle without stalling, and respond instantly when the pedal hits the metal. The carburetor will also deliver the optimum air/fuel ratio throughout the engine’s RPM range to achieve peak horsepower and torque.

Weber Carburetors: Nomanclature

From 1950 until the late 1970s, Weber carburetors were the sign of a performance engine. They could make an engine breathe, or, in the wrong hands, make an engine choke on it’s own fuel. A Weber carburetor is a simple device with fewer moving parts than an American-style four-barrel carburetor, but it is a lot