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SMP Releases Blue Streak Variable Valve Timing Program

All Blue Streak products are backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

VIDEO: Understanding The Path Of Least Resistance

The spark plug can have a yellow or orange band that is called a corona stain. This video is sponsored by Blue Streak.

VIDEO: Diagnosing Ignition Grounds

Repeat ignition coil failure may be the result of bad grounds. This video is sponsored by Blue Streak.

Blue Streak Truck Applications Support Delivery Trucks

Blue Streak Electronics carries an extensive selection from every category of computer components.

VIDEO: Scope Current Ramp To Check Coil’s Secondary Circuit Function

Access to secondary waveform testing is nearly impossible on some modern coil over plug ignition coils. But what if you need to check the secondary circuit function of the coil? The solution might be scoping the current ramp. Sponsored by Blue Streak.

VIDEO: Measuring Dwell In The Ignition System

A coil takes a finite amount of time to build up this charge. This is the dwell time, normally defined as the camshaft’s degree of rotation, during which the voltage flows through and charges the primary side of the coil. Sponsored by Blue Streak.

VIDEO: What Makes For A High-Quality Ignition Coil?

Less expensive ignition coils use resins that are less resistant to vibration, heat and endless heat cycles under the hood. Taking a risk on a cheap ignition coil from an unknown source can put an engine at risk. Sponsored by Blue Streak.

Standard Motor Products To Award $20,000 During Blue Streak ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Automotive Scholarship Contest

Running through May 31, the competition will present four up-and-coming students with a $5,000 scholarship each.