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Engineering Better Belt Systems

An accessory drive belt is always both speeding up and slowing down.

Accessory Drive Belt Service and Science (VIDEO)

Accessory drive belts are not generic. This video is sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: Inspecting The Serpentine Belt

Replacing the belt rarely stops the noise on its own. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

How Belts, Tensioners And Misfires Are Connected

Modern crankshaft position sensors measure more than the position of the crankshaft.

Understanding Belt Friction And Tension

Misalignment and bearing wear can cause the belt to track off-center.

Drive Belt Checklist: What Are You Missing?

You might have only one chance to sell a customer a new serpentine belt. With belts lasting roughly 90,000 miles, proper inspection at the time of failure is critical not only for selling the belt, but also for ensuring add-on sales and better customer satisfaction.

Selling Timing Belt Replacement Jobs

When pricing the job, don’t overlook additional and necessary related sales. The timing belt drives the water pump on these engines. Although very ­reliable, I would consider it a bad bet to think the pump will last 180,000 miles.

photo 4 cam marks lined up
Diagnosing Belt Slippage

A belt is merely an indicator of the condition of the components with which it is connected. Like a brake pad or tire, it is designed to wear. But, the wear can be impacted by the total system.

Hydraulic And Mechanical Tensioners

An automatic tensioner optimizes the belt tension in function and adapts to changes in the belt and engine characteristics. Engineers have designed two main systems to ensure optimal belt tension at all times. The first one is the “traditional” and most commonly used design, where a spring-loaded mechanical tensioner controls the belt tension.

VW Beetle, Golf And Jetta: Broken Tensioner, Root Cause Of Failure Is Alternator Pulley

This type of failure is the result of severe vibrations in the accessory belt drive system. While a broken tensioner may be the result, the root cause often lies elsewhere in the system.

VIDEO: Five Tips To Diagnose Belt Noise

Andrew Markel shares five useful tips to diagnose and resolve belt noise, including twisting the tensioner, measuring the grooves, and ensuring the belt and pulleys are properly aligned. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Accessory Belts, Tensioners And Misfires: A Balancing Act

Ever been amazed how complex some belt routing diagrams can be when all they are driving is an alternator, A/C compressor and maybe a power steering pump? The belt might be 8-feet long and loop around one or two idler pulleys.

belts tensioners misfires