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Trade Groups Push Access To OEM And Multi-Brand Scan Tools

The position statement comes after significant commentary and debate surrounding use of multi-brand versus OEM scan tools.

VIDEO: Understanding The Driver Bill Of Rights

The data collected from our cars is valuable. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

VIDEO: Your Car Is Spying On You

Vehicles collect data and send it wirelessly to the manufacturer. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

VIDEO: Where Is Your Vehicle Data Going?

Who has access to this information? This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

Aftermarket Essential Businesses Face Inconsistencies

AASA is working with supplier members to navigate the situation and take steps to keep appropriate facilities open.

Know Your Parts Offers Technicians At AAPEX The Chance To Win A $5,000 Prize

After registering for the scavenger hunt at the Know Your Parts booth, participating technicians will work on visiting as many manufacturers’ booths at AAPEX as possible.

Access To Vehicle Data A ‘Must-Win’ For The Automotive Aftermarket

In the fight for access to the treasure trove of data generated by new vehicles, failure is not an option for the automotive aftermarket.

AASA, Auto Care Association Leaders To Address Freedom Of Choice And Data Access At 2019 Vision Conference

The two association executives will address the path to preserving motorists’ right to choose their vehicle’s service provider and replacement parts.

AASA Telematics Technical Solutions Meeting Develops A Path Forward For The Automotive Aftermarket

Participants at the AASA Telematics Technical Solutions Meeting developed a four-step program for securing a path forward, starting with having a common goal.