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Ford Power Steering Inoperative After Collision Damage Repair

Here are the case details behind a message center displaying a “STEERING LOSS STOP SAFELY” warning message.

Tech Tip: Nissan Clunking Or Thumping Noise At Start Up

Fix Nissan vehicles that have a clunking or thumping noise with this TSB.

ALLDATA Manage Online Now Features Integrated WHI/Nexpart Catalog

Manage Online is ALLDATA’s shop management system that allows shops to manage everything from technician and bay schedules to customer experience and profitability – anytime, anywhere.

Jeep Tech Tip: 4WD Light On, DTC C140F Set

Customers may indicate that the “Service 4WD” indicator in the instrument cluster is illuminated. They may also indicate that the transfer case will not shift from 4WD High, 4WD Low, and/or Neutral once the lamp is illuminated. Further investigation identifies that a Diagnostic Trouble Code C140F is stored or active in the Final Drive Control Modules (FDCM) memory.