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VIDEO: Wheel Bearing Preload And Load Paths

If you’re replacing a wheel bearing, you should also check the alignment. This video sponsored by GMB.

Looking At Alignment – From A Few Different Angles

Independent shops that are investing in modern alignment equipment are quickly realizing the profit potential it offers.

VIDEO: Alignment Is Key

Poor alignment can cause premature wear, belt mistracking or rib skipping and more. This video is sponsored by Continental.

VIDEO: Ride Height Specification As A Diagnostic Tool

Measuring ride height can show the condition of the springs and suspension. This video is sponsored by Mitchell 1.

Driveline System Balance Adjustment Using an Electronic Vibration Analyzer

2005 Saturn Truck VUE AWD V6 3.5L VIN 4

Alignment Service On 2011 Hyundai Elantra

The current platform of the Hyundai Elantra shares a lot in common with the other current Kia and Hyundai models. The simple architecture of a MacPherson strut front suspension and rear twist beam axle is starting to become standard on all small and mid-sized offerings. The Elantra is a “net-build” vehicle with no built-in adjustments, but adjustments can be made with aftermarket parts.

Performing An Alignment On Ford F-150 And Lincoln Mark LT Vehicles

The 2004-’08 Ford F-150 and 2005-’08 Lincoln Mark LT are not difficult vehicles to align, but they are difficult vehicles to properly inspect and adjust to the optimal specifications. The main difference with the 11th generation is in the front control arms. The lower control arm is forged aluminum. Upper ball joints have a reputation for failing sooner than lower ball joints.

Dodge Caliber Alignment Service

The Dodge Caliber was the replacement for the Neon. The Caliber shares the same architecture with the Nitro and Sebring models from the same timeframe. Needless to say, this is a “net build” vehicle with only toe adjustments built into the front and rear suspensions.

Honda Pilot Suspension And Alignment Inspection

The Pilot employs a strut-type front suspension that provides a generous 7.3 inches of wheel travel. Separate load paths to the unit body are provided for the coil spring and the shock absorber to reduce road noise. A solid 0.9-inch stabilizer bar is linked directly to the strut via ball-joint connections to reduce body roll during cornering maneuvers.

2004-2013 Mazda3 Alignment Service

The 2004-2013 Mazda3 shares the Ford C1 platform. This is almost the same vehicle as the Ford Focus and Volvo S40 when it comes to the suspension. While the exterior and interior changed in nine years, the suspension did not. The only major alteration occurred in 2009 when the suspension was updated and lost the built-in adjustments for front caster and camber.

Tech Tip: Toyota RAV4 Recall And Inspection Tags

If you get a 2005-2011 Toyota RAV4 in your shop for an alignment of a complaint of either rear tire wear or a knocking noise, you need to be aware of a recall and inspection campaign Toyota is performing. Toyota Safety Recall C0J involved inspecting the right and left Rear Suspension Lower Arm No. 1 for looseness. Based upon this inspection, it may have been necessary to replace the arm(s).

Performing An Alignment On VW Jetta And Golf Vehicles

Most entry-level VW models featured the same basic suspension used from the advent of the original VW Rabbit. About the only change was from a rear strut suspension to a separate coil spring and shock absorber in the rear. Used for all models of the Golf, Jetta, New Beetle and the Audi TT, this suspension is simple, durable and easy to repair. There is still a beam axle in the rear of pre-2006 FWD cars.