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A/C Update: Diagnosing Rodent Damage

DuPont Announces the Development of Next Generation Refrigerants

A/C Update: The Logic Behind Automatic Temperature Controls

Many new cars and trucks now have automatic temperature control (ATC) systems that not only regulate cooling but also heating for year-round passenger comfort. Most of these systems have their own computer that may be built into the control panel head, located elsewhere or integrated into the body control module. One thing’s for sure: the

A/C Update: Underhood Service: January 2006

MACS Jumps on the Express Train 2006 Show Preview Although temperatures are always changing, one thing remains constant: hot summers and cold winters bring great volume to the air conditioning, radiator and heater repair business. “Nothing is more important to our industry than the weather,” said Elvis Hoffpauir, Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide (MACS) president

The Heat Is On…Helping Your Customers and Their Vehicles Keep Their “Cool”

What brings customers in for cooling system repairs? Usually, it’s a cooling system problem. No vehicle will go very far if its cooling system isn’t working. Sooner or later, the engine will overheat – possibly with dire results. Severe overheating can damage the cylinder head, head gasket, pistons, cylinders and/or valve guides. Many motorists don’t

Compressors, Condensers & Refrigerant

Hot weather is just a few weeks away in many areas of the country, and that means plenty of air conditioning service opportunities. Years ago, A/C was considered a luxury. Now it’s a necessity. Automatic climate control systems use A/C year-round for defrost and dehumidification as well as cooling. Even so, it’s hot weather that

Perspectives: How Global Issues Can Dictate Your Bottom Line

One of the vital tasks that shops must undertake is managing the expectations of their customers. This is really a job for anyone who sells a product. When I complain about the price of a pair of jeans that my wife buys for herself, she always says, “They don’t cost the same amount as they

A/C Update: Expect Refrigerant Prices to Have Chilling Affect on Your Customers

Well, it seems expected higher fuel prices (national gasoline prices set a record average high in March) won’t be the only bee in the bonnet of drivers this summer. If their vehicles need A/C service, car owners may get charged up over the higher refrigerant costs, too. Obviously, the fault is not yours – the

Increasing Summer Profits with A/C Work

Warm weather is just around the corner in many parts of the country, so it’s not too soon to start thinking about ways you can promote A/C service work and boost your profits this summer. More than 90% of new vehicles are now factory-equipped with air conditioning, and more than 80 percent of the cars

A/C Update

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) 25th Anniversary Convention and Trade Show is a great event for shop owners and technicians to learn about the latest trends in air conditioning technology and to see the latest A/C service products and equipment. This year’s show was held in Las Vegas February 1-3. One question that came

Now is the Time to Gear Up for MACS Convention

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide, which will hold its 25th Anniversary Convention and Trade Show February 1-3 at the Las Vegas Hilton, is taking steps to protect its trade show exhibitors and the mobile A/C and engine cooling industry against counterfeiting and trademark infringement. As part of its new policy, MACS is asking