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Sunex Offers Metric V-Groove Combination Wrench Set

The anti-slip Radius V-Groove design prevents rounding of fasteners. The box end is offset to provide better clearance.


Sunex Tools has introduced its Radius V-Groove Combination Wrenches that provide more grip when rotating fasteners.

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The anti-slip Radius V-Groove design prevents rounding of the fastener.

The box end is offset by 15° to provide clearance for your fingers and other obstructions near the fastener.

The wrenches are fully polished to eliminate oil and grease buildup.

The 12-piece set (P/N 9917MA) includes: 8mm Full Polish Combination Wrench (991708MA), 9mm Full Polish Combination Wrench (991709MA), 10mm Full Polish Combination Wrench (991710MA), 11mm Full Polish Combination Wrench (991711MA), 12mm Full, and comes with a durable canvas pouch for easy storage and transportation.

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