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Stertil-Koni Offers Fully Wireless Mobile Lift

Stertil-Koni is now offering a fully wireless mobile lift without cables or wires. Years in the making, this amazing technological advance demonstrates the continued innovation practiced by Stertil-Koni. The company's engineers have developed the most sophisticated and ....

Stertil-Koni, a leading provider of heavy-duty vehicle lifts, is now offering a fully wireless mobile lift without cables or wires. Years in the making, this amazing technological advance demonstrates the continued innovation practiced by Stertil-Koni. The company’s engineers have developed the most sophisticated and more importantly the most user friendly mobile lift in the industry.

The encumbrance of cables was never enough to overcome the conceptual advantages of mobile lifts. Nevertheless, stationary cables or wires laying on the concrete floor often represented an obstruction to the free flow of personnel and shop supplies in a workshop environment. The disadvantages of the wired mobile lift concept have now been totally mitigated with the advent of the company’s fully wireless mobile lift.

The technological benefits represent a user’s wish list come true:

No connecting cords or wires on the ground
This means the operator does not need to be concerned with cables laying on the ground. The mechanic can easily walk around between the lifting columns and roll tool boxes and use transmission jacks or other dollies to safely remove sub-components. Significantly, wet shop environments are no longer a concern as they relate to the presence of electrical cables on concrete floors. In addition, the wireless concept enhances the ability of the shop operator to utilize Stertil-Koni mobile lifts outside. This accentuates the portability feature of Stertil-Koni mobile lifts.

Minimum 15 sets of four able to operate in one contiguous area without interference
The sophisticated wireless industrial technology that Stertil-Koni utilizes encourages the use of multi-sets of four columns in the same area without interference of one set to another set. A unique, technological advance allows Stertil-Koni columns to operate integrally within protected set usage patterns (without interference) yet permits the individual columns to operate in a random fashion.

Minimum 20 complete lifting cycles under full load before recharging
The 24-volt deep cycled marine batteries two per column do not need to be fully re-charged until at least 20 complete lifting cycles (under full load) have been achieved. This represents a major advancement in battery technology. Since most Stertil-Koni mobile lifts do not operate at full lifting capacity it means that effective battery life can be extended by factors as much as 40%. Therefore, depending on shop usage, vehicle weight and effective remaining battery life, a Stertil-Koni wireless mobile can operate for several weeks (or more) without recharge. Once the need for re-charge occurs, all that is required is a simple 110 volt (regular house current) outlet, usually done at night.

The Stertil-Koni wireless mobile lift is available in:

  • 13,000 lbs. per column (52,000 lbs. per set of four)
  • 16,000 lbs. per column (64,000 lbs. per set of four)
  • 18,000 lbs. per column (72,000 lbs. per set of four)
  • 22,000 lbs. per column (88,000 lbs. per set of four)

No other company in the lift industry offers a more complete full-range of lifting opportunities than Stertil-Koni. Vehicles on the roads of North America are becoming heavier and heavier and Stertil-Koni has responded to this phenomenon by offering users a full range of lifting capacities.

Control System with OSD (On Screen Display)
The sophistication of the micro-processor generated technology is unparalleled. LCD screens on the outside of the columns facilitate ease of operation and actuate redundant safety systems that ensure ultimate operator protection.

  • Battery condition is continually monitored so the operator can quickly reference the charging condition of the batteries.
  • Actual number of columns in a set size can be determined and the operator can digitally verify how many columns are operating in a set.
  • Actual lifting height can be numerically verified by the operator.
  • Multi-language digital text allows the operator to function in English, Spanish and French.
  • Monitoring of maintenance requirements is achieved through the determination of hours in service.
  • Authorized operator access with an initiation key ensures maximum safety and convenience of use.

Dr. Jean DellAmore, the president of Stertil-Koni, says that "over 304,000 major injuries are caused each year in the United States alone by slipping and tripping. Products like our wireless mobile column lift not only make good business sense to install, but they can also help to reduce this statistic and make United States workshops much safer."

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