Steer Into the Future with Delphi Technologies by Your Side

Steer Into the Future with Delphi Technologies by Your Side

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Your vehicle’s steering and suspension is what not only ensures a smooth ride, but also its handling and safety. With over 98% vehicle coverage and trusted by over 26 major global OEMs, Delphi Technologies’ 8,000+ steering and suspension products are intelligence in engineering at its finest.

Premium parts without the premium price tag

At Delphi Technologies, our reputation is built on delivering high quality parts.

• All our products and components must meet or exceed OE-specifications
• A dimensional analysis is performed on each part to locate potential design improvements
• Conduct material analyses to better source materials, develop lightweight solutions, and much more

Tested to endure the harshest conditions

All our components undergo rigorous testing and are built to latest in the toughest scenarios. These are just a few of the tests we perform:

• Extreme temperatures (-40°C – 120°C)
• Fatigue and crack detection
• Dimensional and material analysis
• 3-axis
• Salt spray (720 hours)

The future of steering and suspension in action

We’re proud to be an aftermarket supplier for Tesla steering and suspension components. One of the biggest challenges with hybrid and electric vehicles is the weight of the battery, which oftentimes adds a couple hundred pounds. This additional weight impacts vehicle handling and maneuverability.

To combat this, we use lightweight materials to help offset battery weight, resulting in a lighter chassis that ensures a safe and quiet ride. We not only met the OE standard for control arms and ball studs, but exceeded in strength, durability, and fatigue life while also accounting for Tesla’s multiple driving modes.

Experience the Delphi Technologies difference

Ball joints

High precision ball pin with smoother finish for durability, smooth joint operation and superior angle dynamics
High specification grease for longer service intervals
High-grade chloroprene rubber cover keeps out contamination from dirt and water

Bushings and Bellows

Engineered bushings replicate OE shore hardness values provide improved damping properties and better ride comfort
Strong bond allows for excellent load-bearing capabilities
High quality rubber bonding reduces delamination issues while providing enhanced ride comfort and damping properties

Control Arms

Chloroprene rubber boot improves durability and protects against contamination
High specification grease for longer service intervals
Tough bushings provide high load resistance and noise insulation
Best-in-class pressing method measures each joint load to ensure full seating and proper breakaway torque

Sway Bar Links

Reinforced link rods making our parts strong and sturdy for a long service life
Application-specific hybrid composite end caps reduce weight with increased durability
Wear-resistant sockets help support load and protects against wear caused by dirt and debris

Tie Rod Ends

Tech-friendly grip points feature a hex flat at threading point for an easy grip with a standard wrench and easy repair with no extra tools needed
Low-friction, high-performance thermoplastic bearing matches OE specifications for seating and rotational torque
Rust-beating cataphoretic coating on housing offers premium protection against corrosion from salt, dirt and water

We’ve got your back

Our support doesn’t stop once the component arrives at your doorstep. We’re by your side every step of the repair. Benefit from:

• Expert-led training programs
• Online tutorials, videos, and resource center
• Technical support hotline staffed by ASE Master technicians and OEM experts

One of our expert technicians, Dave Hobbs, routinely hosts trainings and provides tech tips videos. Click the video below to learn more about high and low-tech steering and suspension.

Steer into your Delphi Technologies future today. Visit us at or our parts catalog for more information on our steering and suspension offerings.

Delphi Technologies is a brand of BorgWarner Inc.

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