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Stanley Vidmar Partners with Mac Tools

Expanding its line of storage solutions for industries ranging from agriculture and automotive to manufacturing and heavy equipment, Stanley Vidmar recently announced its partnership with Mac Tools.

Expanding its line of storage solutions for industries ranging from agriculture and automotive to manufacturing and heavy equipment, Stanley Vidmar recently announced its partnership with Mac Tools. Starting immediately, Vidmar is offering Mac Tools toolboxes to its customers, including its Macsimizer Series, Tech Series, Select Series, and Utility Carts.

An industry standard in automotive service departments, Mac Tools toolboxes have applications for technicians and mechanics in other industries who are looking for key toolbox features such as heavy-duty casters for improved support and maneuverability, and ball-bearing slides for smooth drawer operation year-round.

Mac Tools toolboxes round out Stanley Vidmar’s storage solutions product line that includes high-density cabinets, technician workstations, vertical lift systems, tire carousels, and other heavy-duty products.

Like Vidmar products, Mac Tools toolboxes provide a professional appearance and allow for the ultimate in organization, enabling technicians and mechanics to quickly locate tools needed to get the job done faster. Time previously spent looking for tools is now spent servicing customers efficiently, resulting in bottom-line savings.

Features of the various Mac Tools toolbox series include interchangeable drawers for effortless customization, unique locking systems such as one-turn operation of all drawers with a single key, and built-in storage for standard hand tools.

"We wanted to provide professional technicians with a full range of tool storage options," says Jill Wheeler, Stanley Vidmar’s vice president of commercialization. "With our Mac Tools partnership, we’re bringing together the best of toolboxes with the best of Vidmar’s industrial storage solutions." As part of the agreement, Mac Tools will offer its customers Stanley Vidmar products.

About Stanley Vidmar
Stanley Vidmar offers storage solutions to all industries, with modular, space-saving systems that provide quick, safe access to parts, tools, and supplies. A Stanley Vidmar system can maximize valuable floor space while providing an integrated solution for inventory control. Customers can arrange for a free analysis of their storage needs by calling (800) 523-9462. Detailed information about Stanley Vidmar products is available online at

About Mac Tools
A leader in quality, professional hand tools for more than 70 years, Mac Tools delivers top-quality, innovative products that meet technicians’ changing needs. Just as important as quality, Mac Tools is committed to creating Customers for Life by building lifetime relationships. Mac Tools’ 2,000-distributor base reaches automotive shops in mobile tool trucks well beyond the United States and includes Canada, the UK, and Japan. For more information, visit

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