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SMP Launches TechSmart Website

SMP announces it has launched a website for its new TechSmart brand of engine management parts. The website is designed to reflect TechSmart's goal of providing smart solutions to professional service technicians.

SMP announces it has launched a website for its new TechSmart brand of engine management parts at The website is designed to reflect TechSmart’s goal of providing smart solutions to professional service technicians by enhancing OE products with problem-solving improvements, introducing new product categories and providing cutting-edge technology with “speed-to-the-street” that includes many first-to-market parts. Every time a technician installs a TechSmart part, it means the problem is solved.

“As a valuable and convenient source of information, our new website tells the TechSmart story. Technicians can learn all about the brand and see what makes TechSmart different from the other products on the market today,” said Mike Fitzgerald, vice president marketing for SMP. “The website features a robust online catalog where techs can easily look up TechSmart numbers and access part specifications along with multiple-view images. We also have a section where technicians can submit their suggestions for new TechSmart parts.”   

The website also features a quick reference product section that includes category descriptions, application listings and product images for every part in the initial TechSmart offering. Visitors to the website have the opportunity to stay connected to the latest TechSmart product and technology news by simply clicking on a direct link to join Facebook’s TechSmart fan page and follow TechSmart on Twitter.

Taking advantage of SMP’s experience, the TechSmart brand encompasses SMP’s innovation and engineering expertise with superior product quality and competitive pricing. The qualities that have made SMP the industry leader for more than 90 years are at the heart of every TechSmart part. The initial product line offers 119 parts in 28 categories. Look for future line additions to be announced on

About SMP
SMP supplies independent professional auto technicians and automotive do-it-yourselfers with high quality replacement parts for engine management ignition, emission and fuel systems as well as temperature control products for domestic and import cars and light trucks. SMP products are sold through both traditional and non-traditional distribution channels. For more information, visit

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