Saturn: Burning Smell From the Front of the Vehicle – UnderhoodService

Saturn: Burning Smell From the Front of the Vehicle

Burning smell SaturnModel: 2003 Saturn L300, 3.0L

The customer states there is a burning smell coming from the vehicle.

Confirmed the customer’s complaint and found there was a burning smell coming from the vehicle. The smell seemed to be originating from the dash area. Road-tested the vehicle and found the speedometer was intermittently inoperative. Removed the instrument cluster for a closer inspection and found the burning smell was coming from the speedometer. Removed the speedometer from the cluster and found the circuit board was melted, which confirmed the speedometer was faulty and the cause of the burning smell.

Replaced the speedometer and verified the vehicle operated properly. The customer’s concern did not return.
Courtesy of Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fixes.

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