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S.O.S. Podcast – Employee Reviews Don’t Have To Be Scary

Employee reviews can actually be beneficial to your shop’s growth. This podcast episode is presented by Protractor.

What’s the scariest time of the year? It’s not New Years, when you look in the mirror and realize how far you are from completing your resolutions. It’s not Halloween, with its zombies and scary clowns. It’s not even Thanksgiving, with the threat of a dry turkey and judgmental relatives. No, for many shop owners, the scariest time of year is Employee Reviews, when you sit one-on-one with an employee to talk about their accomplishments and shortfalls.


Employee reviews don’t have to be scary or unproductive – how can you ensure that they are beneficial to both parties and ultimately a learning and growth exercise for the entire team? In this episode of Shop Owner Solutions, Doug Kaufman, editor of ShopOwner and Vic Tarasik from Shop Owner Coach talk with Brian Bates, owner of Eagle Automotive in LIttleton, CO, about how you can make your review process more than just a complaint session.

In this podcast series, Shop Owner Solutions, discuss some of the nightmares shop owners face with leading shop owners from across the country. Shop Owner Solutions is intended to help you avoid the 3 am panic – together, Vic and Doug will explore the things that cause you the most stress, put your anxiety into high gear and keep you from feeling like you’re achieving the success you deserve.


This podcast episode is presented by Protractor.

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