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Rotary Lift Updates Light-Duty Four-Post Lifts For Better Productivity And Durability


Rotary LiftRotary Lift has updated its SM series of 14,000-lb. capacity four-post lifts to provide greater productivity and durability through a higher rise height, improved drive-on ramps and a new powder-coated hammer-tone paint finish. The features make the SM series four-post lifts more capable for facilities that service a variety of vehicles, including cars, light trucks and vans.


“We took the needs of shop managers and technicians into account when we redesigned the SM series four-post lift,” says David Fischmer, marketing manager for Rotary Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “The enhancements address technician comfort and ease-of-use, plus long-term maintenance and lift lifespan.”

The Rotary Lift SM series four-post lifts now come standard with 78.75 inches of rise height, which is five inches higher than previous models. The resulting extra under-runway clearance makes it easier for technicians to walk under the lift to access drivetrain, exhaust and other under-vehicle components.

For improved traction, louvers have been added to the lifts’ drive-on ramps. The bottom of each ramp has also been fitted with polymer rollers instead of protective strips. This allows the ramps to smoothly roll along the floor as the lift is raised and lowered, to reduce floor gouging. The ramps, runways and posts are finished with a powder-coated hammer-tone paint finish for improved durability and easier maintenance.


As part of the redesign, Rotary Lift introduced a Shockwave option that cuts the SM series four-post lift’s rise time in half to just 35 seconds. This is twice as fast as a standard four-post lift. Descent takes only 18 seconds, meaning a Shockwave-equipped SM series four-post lift can be raised and lowered in less time than it takes a standard lift just to raise a vehicle. Since technicians spend less time waiting for the lift to go up, they can complete more jobs each day and make more money for themselves and the shop.

The patent-pending Shockwave system’s speed is made possible in part by its DC power unit. The batteries are kept charged by an onboard charger, so the lifts will work even if the shop’s electricity goes out. Since the charger runs on a standard 110V power connection, there is no need to install expensive 220V wiring for the lift. On the SM series four-post lift, the Shockwave power unit can be mounted to either the front or side of one of the columns to meet the space needs of any work bay. All of the power units are designed, built and tested by Rotary Lift.


The SM series four-post lift’s design was subjected to Rotary Lift’s unique cycle testing standards to ensure it can withstand daily usage in a shop. During this testing, the lift is cycled 20,000 times at its rated capacity, which is equivalent to 10 years of use in an average shop.

The SM series four-post lifts have also been third-party tested and Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) certified to meet ANSI safety and performance standards. They feature Rotary Lift’s patented Sentinel Lock system, which provides peace of mind by automatically activating the lift locks when it detects a slack cable. To meet the needs of a variety of users, SM series lifts are available in three lengths: 236.75 inches (SM14S), 260.75 inches (SM14L) and 293.75 inches (SM14EL).


See the new SM series four-post lifts in the VSG booth (#10339) at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nov. 4-7, 2014. To learn more about the SM series or any of Rotary Lift’s other productivity-enhancing vehicle lifts, contact your local Rotary Lift distributor, visit or call (800) 640-5438. You can also find Rotary Lift on Facebook,; Twitter,; and Vimeo,

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