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Ritchie Engineering Reaches Distribution Agreement with HECAT

Automotive A/C service equipment manufacturer boosts A/C machine offering by becoming master distributor for HECAT products.


Ritchie Engineering Co., Inc. announced it has signed a distribution agreement permitting the company’s YELLOW JACKET Products Division to distribute HECAT’s full line of flushing products.

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The YELLOW JACKET line of A/C refrigerant management and coolant drain/fill and exchange/flush systems will be rounded out with the addition of HECAT’s flushing products. System failures create contamination and debris issues inside the heat exchangers, which are commonly reused. Failure to properly address and remove these contaminants will to cause repeat system failures. HECAT’s products and processes far exceed the performance capabilities of any other cleaning method available. Made in the U.S.A., HECAT tools help solve real problems by reducing comebacks and parts warrantyclaims, and by producing rapid return-on-investment and satisfied customers. How?


1.    Air Conditioning: When a system failure occurs (compressor), the only way to remove contamination (metal debris, waste oils, sealers, dye, etc.) is by effectively flushing the components that will be reused. Too many repeat compressor failures are caused by inadequate or the absence of flushing.  Today, most aftermarket compressor manufacturers require proper flushing as part of their warranty requirements.

2.    Automatic Transmission: When an automatic transmission is repaired or replaced, the OE oil cooler circuit is often clogged with contamination (metal debris, clutch material, varnishes, etc.) produced by the failing or failed unit. Proper cleaning, clearing, and flow verification of the oil cooler circuit is required in order to return to the OE designed oil cooling and flow.


3.    Engine Cooling: Many factors are contributing to the buildups that are clogging heater cores and radiators as well as the intake, block, and head passageways. Abrasives are causing repeat core and water pump failures. Fluid exchange equipment is limited in what it can remove.

HECAT flushing products will be sold through YELLOW JACKET Authorized Distributors. “We are pleased to have been chosen by HECAT to be their master distributor,” said Ralph Vergara, Ritchie Engineering automotive sales manager. “We are committed to providing our customers the most complete line of A/C service equipment while improving their productivity and profitability.”


“For years we have been independently working side by side and serving the same industries,” said Karl Matis, president of HECAT. “During this time, we have both recognized a mutual focus and dedication to providing quality products, customer satisfaction, and the promotion of proper service and repair procedures. A strategic alliance will better serve and benefit customers of both organizations.”

About Ritchie Engineering
Founded in 1946 as a manufacturers’ representative organization, Ritchie Engineering Co., Inc. soon became a hose manufacturer. In 1950, with an emphasis on quality and service, Ritchie trademarked the hose as the YELLOW JACKET Charging Hose. Since then, the company has been engineering, manufacturing, and continuously improving the YELLOW JACKET hose and adding new products to its portfolio. YELLOW JACKET products are sold worldwide through a network of authorized HVAC&R and automotive wholesalers. For more information, call (800)769-8370 or visit the website at www.yellowjacket.com.  


About HECAT, Inc.
HECAT offers a complete line of flushing (not fluid exchange) tools, equipment, chemicals and procedures for automotive, aviation, fleet, etc. services designed to be a part of any professional and proper air conditioning, automatic transmission or engine cooling system repair. For a clearer insight into the company’s processes and technology and FAQs, download “Flushing Technical Paper” from www.hecatinc.com/flushing_tech_article.htm. For more information, call (800) 380-9501 or visit www.hecatinc.com.

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