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Remy Electrical Aftermarket Changes Name to Remy Power Products

Remy Electrical Aftermarket has changed its name to Remy Power Products. The change aims to consolidate all the company's businesses under one name.

Remy Electrical Aftermarket has changed its name to Remy Power Products. The change aims to consolidate all the company’s businesses under one name, according to Remy Power Products President Jay Sanchez.
“Over the years we have built strong relationships with our customers delivering premium new and remanufactured starters and alternators under the names Remy, World Wide Automotive and Unit Parts Co. Under these organizations we built well-known brands with incredible equity and will continue to support and promote these products. However, it is time for us to consolidate to one business name,” said Sanchez. “Operating our businesses under one name serves two purposes. First, it eliminates confusion for our customers who receive communications from each of these organizations. Second, the name embodies our vision, mission and goals for the future while preserving the legacy of our great name, Remy.”
This announcement coincides with the launch of Remy Power Products’ new Heavy Duty/Small Motor program.

“Our customers have been asking for a premium Heavy Duty program for a long time,” said Jack Vollbrecht, senior VP – sales and marketing. “We listened to what they wanted and developed a premium program to address the needs in their markets. Our offering of starters and alternators encompasses 12 categories including heavy duty, agriculture, industrial, marine, personal watercraft, ATV & UTV, lawn & garden, golf carts, snowmobile, snow plow, motorcycles and winches. Heavy Duty/Ag/Industrial will be marketed under the Remy and Delco Remy brands. Small Motor will be offered under the Remy brand.”
“We have exciting plans for the future and have set our sights on developing new businesses and markets. We have invested strategically in our business and we are committed to strengthening our position as the preeminent supplier of starters and alternators to the North American market,” added Sanchez. “In the coming months we will be sharing more details with all of our current and prospective customers.”

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