Ranger Introduces CoolCharge A/C Recharging Machine

Ranger Introduces CoolCharge A/C Recharging Machine

The AC-134 CoolCharge A/C recharging machine services most cars, trucks, SUVs and buses.

Ranger’s new AC-134 CoolCharge air conditioning recovery, recycling and recharging machine is a cost-effective, fully automatic A/C machine for servicing most cars, trucks, SUVs and buses. In less than an hour, the CoolCharge machine can fully clean, recover and replace refrigerant in a vehicle’s A/C system.

The machine evacuates and recovers virtually 100 percent of existing coolant and recharges vehicle A/C systems so they work like new again. For A/C systems that just need to be cleaned, the machine can easily flush the existing refrigerant through filters to clean it and return it to the system. Both functions can be performed with minimal technician oversight for maximum efficiency. The automatic CoolCharge is programmable so once the machine is started, techs can work on other projects during the A/C system recharge and recovery process.

The portable and easy-to-use CoolCharge machine is intuitive during the recharging process to make sure nothing goes wrong. The filter quality and refrigerant levels are also automatically monitored by the machine. Functions will cease in the event the filter is too dirty or the refrigerant level becomes too low to service the vehicle. 

For more information about the AC-134 CoolCharge A/C recovery machine, call (805) 933-9970 or visit bendpak.com/shop-equipment/ac-recovery-machines/ac-134-coolcharge.

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