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Purolator Launches Online Merchandising Program: Purolator Gear

Robert Bosch LLC announces the launch of Purolator Gear for its Purolator brand of filter products.

Robert Bosch LLC announces the launch of Purolator Gear for its Purolator brand of filter products. Purolator Gear is an online merchandising program and can be found at www.purolatorgear.com (a link to Purolator Gear can also be found on Purolator’s main website, http://www.purolatorautofilters.net) offering a multitude of items featuring the Purolator logo both current and retro, and the newly adopted tagline, “Keep It Pure.” Currently active, the program offers pens, hats, apparel, bottle openers, tire gauges, magnetic clips, mp3 players, gift certificates and more.

“Purolator Gear is designed to spread recognition and awareness of the Purolator brand and the quality it represents," said Monica Christensen, Sr. Brand Specialist for Bosch, joint venture owner of Purolator Filters NA LLC. Purolator supplies high quality oil, air, cabin air, fuel and transmission filters as well as PCV valves and breathers to the North American aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“This merchandising program targets regular trade and DIY (do-it-yourself) users of Purolator products as well as the occasional visitor who is looking for filtration-related information on www.purolatorautofilters.net,” said Christensen. "It’s also a great place to go gift shopping for a friend or relative who is a ‘car person’."

Items are organized under various categories listed in the extreme left-hand column.  For example, the list includes apparel, drinkware, trade show items, gift certificates and much more. Depending on the button selected, all items listed in that category are shown with prices marked. In addition, when new products are released, they can be found in the easy to find “New!” section as well as in their respective category. A “Clearance” section will also become available as older items become phased out. Interested visitors have the option to customize their request if ordering in larger bulk quantities.

To use www.purolatorgear.com for ordering merchandise, visitors should create their own account with their login and can supply their e-mail address to subscribe to the Purolator Gear newsletter to receive updates on Purolator Gear merchandise. E-mail addresses are held in strict confidence and are never re-sold or provided to other marketing companies. An online order form and easy return policy makes ordering and selection easy and worthwhile.

Now part of the Bosch umbrella of automotive aftermarket products within NAFTA, Purolator’s advanced aftermarket filters include:
• PureONE and Purolator Classic oil filters
• PureONE and Purolator Classic air filters
• BreatheEASY cabin air filters
• The ‘forgotten filters,’ including transmission filters, fuel filters, breathers and PCV valves.

To learn more about Purolator filters and the filtration category, visit www.purolatorautofilters.net.

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