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Publisher’s Perspective: We Know You’re Busy…

“Something has changed,” was a comment made by a colleague when stopping by my office. It took her a few minutes to realize I had rearranged my office furniture. My hope is that you have already noticed a few changes with your October issues of ImportCar, Underhood Service and Brake & Front End, beginning with new and more vibrant logos, plus a larger type size and bigger photos.

We know you’re busy and understand we need to get to the point. That means fewer words and more photos to enhance the in-depth, technical articles that you count on with every issue of the three magazines. We work every month to fulfill our promise to you by delivering compelling content, industry news, product information and messaging from our valued advertisers.

Our plan to make a change, which began earlier this year, wrapped up in mid-September. We addressed every detail of our magazine by involving a number of our team members across our organization. This re-design exercise reminded me of what an incredible, passionate and opinionated bunch we have under one roof. Our talented group of professionals, pictured below, includes our inspiring graphic designers, smart and industry-engaged editors and supportive management team. Collectively, our aftermarket and publishing experience exceeds 175+ years, but that doesn’t mean much unless you are pleased with the results.

Our project isn’t completed. We have exciting plans to bring interactive technology within our pages to connect you directly to video and ultra-cool graphics from your smart phone or tablet.

All great stuff! Stay tuned!

Please share your comments with me. It’s always nice to hear from you. 

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