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Protect Your Customers from Winter Wiper Woes

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With winter on its way, it’s never too early to get ahead of the snow, slush, ice and all conditions that aren’t nice for drivers. Preparing customers before winter rolls in means they have the best chance for safe travels ahead, especially during peak periods. While new tires, a full battery and a fresh oil change will keep drivers on course, they won’t be ready to take to the road without a clear view ahead.

Safe winter driving starts with wiper maintenance. After all, the only place for drivers to go when visibility is compromised is right back inside. When it comes to wipers, ANCO has the answers. Here are a few tips to pass along to your customers to identify and prevent wiper mishaps this winter.

Spot the Three S’s
Next time your customers turn on their wipers, have them look out for any streaking, skipping or splitting. Wipers that are in good shape will clear the full field of view across the windshield with ease. If smears are left behind or sections of the windshield are missed by the wipers, there’s a strong chance that the blade is being obstructed or has sustained damage.

Take a Closer Look
Customers don’t have to be pros to catch wiper damage, but yours can be if they know what to look for. The rubber blade should be secure and fully intact against the frame. If any cracks, tears or abrasions are visible, it’s time to find replacements. Wipers designed for snow and ice resistance can give your customers extra protection in harsh conditions.

Fend Off the Freeze
Frozen wipers simply can’t provide a clear field of view in any conditions. Luckily, drivers do have a few options to prevent wipers from sticking to the windshield or collecting ice. Lifting the blades up is a simple and effective solution if the vehicle allows for it. Covering the wipers up or wiping them down with rubbing alcohol are also efficient solutions.

Remove Salt and Sand
It can be a major relief to drivers to see salted and sanded roads in winter. The same can’t be said for wipers. The tiny granules that land on the windshield can dry out and scratch wipers, eventually leading to damage. Drivers should make a habit of cleaning off their windshield when gassing up in addition to using a warm, wet cloth to wipe down the blades.

Clear Off Nozzles
After a heavy snowfall or deep freeze, drivers should make sure that their washer fluid nozzles haven’t been blocked. If no snow is covering up the nozzles and the fluid doesn’t come out, the nozzles are likely frozen. Giving the vehicle a couple of extra minutes to heat up should solve the problem. If not, a pin can be used to dislodge the clog.

Unlike other critical components, your customers don’t have to look under the hood to check out their wipers. Sparing a moment to ensure their wipers are road ready means they won’t be sacrificing their safety later on. When your customers stop by for winterization, make sure their wipers are a part of the conversation.

This article is sponsored by ANCO Wiper Blades.

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