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Prolong Offers Complete Line Of Automotive Lubricants Featuring Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Technology

Prolong's line of engine lubricants - including Engine Treatment and Booster as well as Transmission Treatment - feature the company's exclusive Anti-Friction Metal Treatment (AFMT).

Prolong Super Lubricants offers a complete line of lubricants designed to minimize wear and tear on automotive components, helping engines run smoother, longer, said the company. 

"Motor oil and transmission fluids are flowing lubricants that provide a film barrier between metal surfaces, protecting them from damage," said Jon Apogee, marketing manager, Prolong.  "In extreme instances, the film strength of the oil is thinned and often squeezed out, which is why you need Prolong’s high performance bonding lubricants to treat the components. While some additives are made to treat the fluid, Prolong treats the engine, delivering immediate protection."

Prolong’s line of engine lubricants – including Engine Treatment and Booster as well as Transmission Treatment – feature the company’s exclusive Anti-Friction Metal Treatment (AFMT). A patented technology, AFMT chemically bonds to metal surfaces in the engine to generate a protective layer that prevents metal-on-metal grinding – the cause of unwanted friction and increased heat.  It is designed to restore engine efficiency, optimize fuel economy and protect the engine in the event of oil or coolant loss.

"Our unique AFMT technology coats the engine so, unlike oil additives, it begins working the minute you start the motor," Apogee continued. "With Prolong, you don’t have to rely on oil-based lubricants to be ‘pumped’ to metal surfaces at start-up; our AFMT is already at work protecting those important components." 

The Prolong Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, also featuring AFMT, solves lubrication-related problems such as engine noise, oil leaks and oil burning. It slows down exhaust blow-by and reduces exhaust smoke emissions by creating a seal around the piston rings to restore compression.        

In addition to its AFMT offerings, Prolong supplies a line of fuel-related products known as Fast Fuel that are designed to help maintain environmentally clean and fuel-efficient operation. The Fast Fuel Fuel System Cleaner and Fast Fuel Diesel Fuel System Cleaner rid a vehicle’s entire fuel system of grime and dirt to improve operation and maximize fuel economy.        

Fast Fuel Fuel Injector Cleaner is compatible with all gasoline grades, thoroughly cleaning injector tips and intake valves to remove carbon deposits that cause misfiring and poor fuel economy. And Prolong’s Fast Fuel Octane Power Boost helps to recover lost horsepower and stop engine knocking, pinging and hesitation.

Prolong rounds out their automotive product offering with car care products that live up to the company’s commitment to technical innovation and effective products. Waterless Wash & Shine, for example, features special lubricating agents that encapsulate dirt, sap, tar and bugs so they can be removed without the need for water, rinsing or drying.  

For a complete list of automotive product offerings, visit Find Prolong on Facebook ( and follow on Twitter (#GoProlong) for additional specials and product information.

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