Prevent Failure With TrakMotive XTENDED TRAVEL™ CV Axles


Axles do a lot of work, here's what you can do to prevent premature damage. This video is sponsored by TrakMotive.

CC: When lifting a vehicle, modifications are made to the suspension so that bigger tires can be installed and to provide more clearance under the vehicle for off-road driving, this means the frame and body will be moved up and away from the wheels. This causes the CV axle angles to become extreme, often causing binding, premature wear, and vibrations. On lifted trucks with less expensive leveling kits the cv joint angle can become extreme since the differential is not lowered to correct the axle angle.

A Constant Velocity, or CV, axle is essentially a shaft running from the front differential to the wheel with a CV joint at each end. With an independent front suspension, or IFS, the differential is stationary while the wheels are independently sprung. The front wheels not only have the job of turning the vehicle, but also moving up and down with the suspension. This means the CV axle needs to be able to rotate with the wheel, in addition to the vertical travel of the wheel end of the suspension.

The axles on your truck do a lot of work. They are the final link on your drivetrain that gets your engine’s power to the ground, and they take a lot of abuse. From overheating, to binding, to massive torque loads, the issues facing your axles are made even worse when you add the extreme angles inherent with a lift kit.

The best way to prevent premature axle failure due to lift kit stress is by upgrading to TrakMotive XTENDED TRAVEL™ CV Axles that are designed to accommodate these increased operating angles. 

TrakMotive XTENDED TRAVEL™ CV Axles utilize a sliding center shaft that provides up to 40mm greater linear travel than an OEM CV shaft, which allows for greater suspension travel for off-road and lifted applications. They also include high strength 8-ball CV fixed inner and outer joints that have 60% more operating angle on the inboard joint, eliminating joint failure from lift kits and increased ride height.

The TrakMotive XTENDED TRAVEL™ CV Axles also feature Thermoplastic (TPE) boots to provide added protection against rocks, and punctures when off-road, and high strength stainless steel clamps and increased corrosion resistance.

These are the only CV axle assembly in the aftermarket designed for lifted applications that offers a lifetime warranty against defect and workmanship. So, before you hit the trail, make sure your axles are up to the task and step up to TrakMotive XTENDED TRAVEL™ CV Axles so you’re not left stuck on the trail with a broken axle!

This video is sponsored by TrakMotive

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