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Perspectives: It’s More Than Just Fixing Cars

We are excited to offer you a new resource designed to help you grow your business — and its accompanying e-newsletter delivered twice a month.

Underhood Service magazine has been dedicated to providing you with technical repair information since its introduction in 1995.

With the constant advancements in technology that you are faced with each day, along with the growing mix of import nameplate vehicles, the editorial team has focused on filling the pages of the magazine and website with topics on diagnostic issues, tech tips, system overviews and repair procedures.

Now, we are excited to offer you a new resource designed to help you grow your business — and its accompanying e-newsletter delivered twice a month.

Under the premise of “It’s More Than Just Fixing Cars,” Shop Owner’s editorial team will deliver shop management-related editorial covering topics that include insurance, finance, customer service, shop operations and productivity, human resources, equipment purchases, sales and marketing, technology, going “green” and more.

Currently on the website are articles that address:
• Key Person Insurance;
• Section 179 of the Tax Code;
• Cash flow tips related to credit and debit transactions;
• Profit sharing; and
• Collaborating with other business owners.

Plus, we’re showcasing shops from around the country so you can glean some useful details about what makes them successful. You’ve probably been reading Mitch Schneider’s “Mitch’s World” column for many years, but what do you really know about him and his shop?

Go to the website and check out the shop profile on Schneider’s Automotive, as well as Dennis Walczuk’s Exclusively Bimmers shop in Mount Pleasant, SC.

We are even profiling non-automotive businesses (for example, this month there is a Bicycle Shop owner interview) with the hope of sharing some best practices that might be applicable to your business.

We welcome your feedback as we deliver practical business solutions to help you boost profitability in today’s challenging business environment.

After all, owning a successful automotive repair shop requires more than just expertly fixing vehicles. It also takes knowing how to efficiently and effectively manage the day-to-day issues of running a shop, and, is designed to do just that. 

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