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Penray Introduces Six New Products For 2016

Recent visitors to the Penray booth at AAPEX 2015 found a portfolio of six new chemical products that enhance vehicle performance and efficiency, while offering time-saving and profit opportunities for distributors, retailers and service shops.

Recent visitors to the Penray booth at AAPEX 2015 found a portfolio of six new chemical products that enhance vehicle performance and efficiency, while offering time-saving and profit opportunities for distributors, retailers and service shops.

The new products include:

• Direct Injection Fuel System Cleaner is designed for both gasoline and diesel-powered cars and light duty trucks. Specifically formulated for GDI systems, this new product ensures thorough valve and injector cleaning. This product removes deposits and other contaminants from the entire fuel system, eliminating injector obstructions while restoring fuel efficiency. A unique blend of detergents and solvents for gasoline or light duty diesel engines reduces inventory, simplifies the selection process and provides an outstanding one-tank cleaning solution.

Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit removes contaminants that coat catalytic converter honeycombs and pellets that can impede the efficiency of the converter. This two-step cleaning kit, designed for professional use, restores catalytic converters to their original performance levels in reducing the level of unburned hydrocarbons emitted from the tailpipe. In addition, the kit contains a fuel additive to remove deposits from fuel system components to help improve MPG.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner reduces rough idle and hesitation, improving performance, fuel economy and emissions. Of particular interest is the fact that this new product is perfectly safe for use around plastics and other delicate components that are increasingly common in late-model vehicles.

Two new Synthetic Gear Oils are designed for use in vehicles with limited-slip differentials. Offered in both 75W-90 and 75W-140 viscosities and including the limited-slip additive package, these new lubricants will prove of particular value to those who own or service vehicles requiring this type of gear oil.

Premium Oil System Cleaner is an easy-to-use non-kerosene based product removes gum, sludge, varnish and moisture from all oil-wetted components inside the engine, including valve train components as well as engine bearings, pistons and rings. Designed to be used just prior to an oil and filter change, all that’s needed is to add this cleaner to the engine oil, run the engine for five minutes, and then drain and renew the oil and replace the filter.

LP-4 Lubricant & Protectant is 50-state compliant and helps clean, lubricate, prevent and protect many different automotive components. It is formulated to handle problems associated with the recurrence of rust, corrosion and dust buildup that can threaten the life and performance of all types of automotive components.

“In 2016, Penray will be celebrating it’s 65th year of developing and marketing innovative chemicals and functional fluids for the automotive and heavy-duty markets,” explains Mark Kardon, director of marketing for Penray. “These new products are representative of our commitment to quality and enhancing the efficiency of repair technicians while providing outstanding value to motorists.”

“Our new product commitment is on-going,” continues Penray’s Kardon. “We will continue to develop and improve our products, meeting the needs of the automotive and heavy-duty marketplace as technologies and customer needs change.”

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