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OptiCat LLC Announces ‘OnLine Parts Research Catalog’


OptiCat has announced the launch of its new OptiCat OnLine parts research catalog, located at www.opticatonline.com.


OptiCat OnLine allows suppliers, WDs, professional repair shops and consumers a high-quality place to go for auto parts research. The company says there are three main reasons why the OptiCat OnLine Parts Catalog is different than other Internet sources for information:

• Freshest Data: Data reaches the customer in less than 24 hours from arrival at the OptiCat Data Repository directly from suppliers.
• Cleaner Data: Data is carefully tested by suppliers that use OptiCat’s OnTarget Pro validation tools, which means it is the best data available for cataloging systems throughout the industry.
• All the Data: Data includes all the information the supplier deems relevant to the part and vehicle.


This catalog can be used by suppliers and other companies to enhance their own websites, presenting the same data suppliers upload to OptiCat, in less than 24 hours, OptiCat says.

Bryan Thueson, chief operating officer of OptiCat, said, “The OptiCat Parts Research Catalog is available to all and is designed to become the industry-wide ‘go-to’ catalog for parts research, since it includes the freshest supplier data available, without delays in data transmission. Delays can often add weeks or even months to the time needed for data to reach potential customers. Anyone wishing to ensure that the proper part, accessory or fluid is being selected should check the OptiCat OnLine Parts Catalog in order to ensure that the most current part is being selected. This will reduce product returns due to miss-application, support more parts sales across the distribution chain, improve speed to market and help increase customer satisfaction.”


“Positive reaction to the Online Research Catalog was overwhelming at AAPEX this year.” said Charley Johnson, CEO of OptiCat, “This catalog will continue to push the boundaries of functionality, speed to market, ease of use and data quality as we move forward.”

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