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New Snap-on MicroLithium Cordless Ratchet Combines Strength With Speed


The new Snap-on 3/8-inch Drive 14.4v MicroLithium Cordless Ratchet (CTR761) is the first to match the performance of a pneumatic ratchet in its category with the convenience of being “untethered” to an air hose for increased freedom and productivity.

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The new Snap-on CTR761 easily withstands 150 ft-lbs. of manual breakaway torque and follows that up with rotational speeds of up to 350 RPM to remove and install bolts lightning fast. It has a cold forged crankshaft for quality, strength and durability, and boasts a new 14.4 volt battery, enabling longer runtime.

“The CTR761’s industry-leading combination of strength and speed provides the user with a versatile tool capable of breaking loose and running out fasteners at a high rate of speed,” said Rodger Isetts, product manager for Snap-on. “With the Snap-on CTR761, service technicians will get the speed, control and accessibility they have been looking for in a cordless ratchet.”


Some of the unique features and benefits of the new Snap-on 3/8-inch Drive MicroLithium Cordless Ratchet (CTR761) are:

• 350 RPM max
• 150 ft-lbs. of manual breakaway torque
• Integrated LED headlight
• Battery fuel gauge LED cleverly integrated into handle
• Cold forged crankshaft for quality, strength and durability
• Also available in 1/4-drive (CTR725)

Customers can learn more about the new Snap-on 14.4v MicroLithium Cordless Ratchet (CTR761) by contacting their participating Snap-on franchisee or representative, or by calling toll free 877-SNAPON-4 (877-762-7664).

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