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New Products for Mallory FireStorm Ignition

Mallory FireStorm boxes offer more ignition customizations than have ever previously existed. You can capitalize on its full potential by completing the system with the complementary Mallory FireStorm products.

Mallory FireStorm boxes offer more ignition customizations than have ever previously existed. You can capitalize on its full potential by completing the system with the complementary Mallory FireStorm products.

More Power

Mallory FireStorm coils are optimized to work with our ignition boxes to deliver reliable 150 mJ of spark energy to your plugs. This blows away the industry standard of 135 mJ for a street performance ignition.

More Customization

Never before has an ignition system offered as much customization as Mallory FireStorm. With our Dual Sync Sensors, you can convert conventional type single coil applications to coil-on-plug. Our cutting edge technology allows you to adjust individual cylinder timing throughout the rpm range. Control 3D boost timing, shift light rpm, 2 and 3 step limiters, 2 cooling fans and fuel pumps.

More Precision

You have the power and the control, but the precision is key with ignition timing. Mallory FireStorm delivers unparalleled precision with the most accurate software and sensors. The integrated internal data logging system means no laptop computer is required to record data. Our Mallory FireStorm 36-1 crank trigger technology helps to deliver the most precise signal available in the performance industry. 

Installation is made easier with pre-terminated harnesses to get it done right the first time. 

Mallory FireStorm means more power, more customization and more precision than your competitor’s modestly standard discharge ignition boxes. 

Mallory FireStorm Street and Pro Ignition System Features & Benefits:

• Select 4, 6 or 8 Cylinders

• Pick From 7 Ignition Type Inputs

• Shift Light/Cam Tach Output

• Malfunction Indicator Lamp

• MAX RPM Rev Limiting

• 2-Step RPM Rev Limit

• 3-Step Rev Limit

• Tachometer Output

• Manifold Absolute Pressure (Monitor and Function)

• MAP Input for Boost Timing Adjustments (1-5 BAR, w/Custom settings available)

• Idle-Spark Control (Idle Stability Enhancement)

• Launch Mode

• Diagnostics – Built in Trouble Codes

• Fan Primary Control

• Fan Secondary Control

• Fuel Pump – Adjustable Prime (ts) and Safety Shutoff

• Wide Band O2 Monitor

• Vehicle Speed Input – (2 Input Types)

• Engine Coolant Temperature (Monitor and Function)

• Air Temperature (Monitor and Function)

• Throttle Position (Monitor and Function)

• Auxiliary Output (Via MAP, TPS, RPM Switch)

• 3D Individual Cylinder Timing Control

• 3D Timing Maps

• Dashboard (Easy Lookups)

• Timing Retard Function (1 Stage)

• Coil On Plug Capable (Smart or Conventional)

• RPM-Based, Adjustable Dwell Control

• Crank and Cam Signal Versatility

• Custom View Modes (View Tables in KPa, HG, BAR)

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