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New Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit With Software To Analyze

The 5-Gas Analyzer is handheld and fully portable with all readings live, not calculated.


ANSED Diagnostic Solutions has introduced the Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit, with the new AUTOplus5 5-gas analyzer.

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The process of diagnosing general performance, drivability, no code and catalytic converter issues can be complex and frustrating. Experienced technicians agree that a gas analyzer is an integral part of their diagnostic toolbox. One quick test of the exhaust gases emitted from the tailpipe helps reduce diagnostic time, verify repairs are complete, reduces comebacks, and increases overall profitability and customer satisfaction.

The 5-Gas Analyzer is handheld and fully portable with all readings live, not calculated. Self-calibrating, no cal-gas required. In addition, a dyno is not required for NOx testing; simply plug it in and go on a road test.

The 5-Gas Analyzer is low-cost to operate and maintain; operates off an internal, rechargeable battery.   Optional high-speed printer is available separately, or can be included in the kit, p/n AUTOplus5/PR.

In addition, with the ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software, there are no more charts and graphs, and no more black magic calculations. The software interprets the exhaust gases and their interactions and provides a top-down list of suggested problems and solutions in order of probability.

The software, along with live graphing software, is included in the kit, at no additional cost.

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