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New DENSO VitalScan Diagnostic System Provides Fast and Accurate Vehicle Testing

DENSO's new diagnostic tool and supporting online data system allows technicians to perform hundreds of OBD II tests in minutes, providing detailed vehicle health reports.

DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc. has been developing methods to help technicians diagnose and identify issues more quickly and accurately. As a result, DENSO introduces DENSO VitalScan, an efficient new OBD II diagnostic tool and online database. The new system incorporates a high-tech scan tool along with an extensive web-based data system that allows users to conduct hundreds of specific on-board diagnostic tests in minutes resulting in extremely detailed and on-target vehicle health reports.

DENSO’s new diagnostic system automatically links with thousands of online documents such as OEM service bulletins, wiring diagrams and repair procedures in order to diagnose and report quickly and accurately. The system even searches for similar cases and suspect parts making the results comprehensive and complete. This is a very robust system… not just another scan tool!

VitalScan Online Information includes an estimated:


   – 350,000 OEM Service Bulletins

   – 90,000 OEM Wiring Diagrams

   – 200,000 Repair Procedures

   – 500,000 Diagrams and Figures


“Our dedication to the service industry is evident in this exciting new diagnostic system,” said David Shushereba, senior manager, Service, Quality and Engineering Group, DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc. “VitalScan provides a solution that will not only increase shop efficiency, but assist in obtaining the most accurate results possible for a satisfied customer base.”

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