New BG Rev-It Tool Revs The Engine Automatically
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New BG Rev-It Tool Revs The Engine Automatically

Revving is a valuable step in fuel system service and the BG Rev-it does it automatically.


Introducing the new BG Rev-It Automated Throttle Actuator. When we launched the BG Platinum Fuel System Service, we knew the cleaning capabilities would be groundbreaking. And extraordinary cleaning power requires valuable technician time. Now, we want to make the service procedure even better.


“Without engine revving, there’s a risk of hydro-locking the engine. Improper revving is a leading cause of error with induction services,” said Jay Erwin, Director of the BG Proving Ground. “The new BG Rev-It revs the engine automatically so techs can safely perform other services.”

The NEW BG Rev-It:

  • Consistently revs the engine
  • Ensures optimal service efficacy and safety
  • Improves shop productivity

As with all induction services, frequent and consistent revving is required for optimal service efficacy. With consistent revving, you maximize the benefit of what makes the BG Platinum service so revolutionary.

In the BG Platinum service, a major portion of time is devoted to frequent, manual revving every 45 seconds for 25 to 40 minutes. This step is repeated during the second portion of the service when another can of cleaner is administered. The technician could potentially be sitting in the vehicle revving the engine for an hour and twenty minutes! 


Revving is a valuable step in the service procedure. It’s what propels the product across all cylinders (a huge benefit of the BG Platinum service). But, at BG we realize the technician’s time is valuable too. 

We have developed the first-of-its-kind automated throttle actuator to get the job done. Using technology designed by the BG Proving Ground, the BG Rev-It revs the engine consistently, allowing techs the opportunity to perform other services while running an induction service.

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