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Nation’s World Class Technicians are Recognized

Seventeen professional automotive technicians obtained ASE certification in 22 specialty areas in 2009.

Bethesda, MD — Of the more than 768,700 automotive technicians working in the United States, 17 outstanding individuals have qualified for the World Class Technician Award.

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) and National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) work together to recognize these professional technicians who have tested and obtained ASE certification in 22 specialty areas during the 2009 test administrated by ASE.

The 17 World Class Technicians are:  
Douglas C. Bastow, Mount Laurel, NJ
David M. Broadwater, Mount Laurel, NJ
Ronald A. Chappell, Gainesville, FL
Christopher V. Dalton, Mount Laurel, NJ
Donald A. Denne, Bountiful, UT
James A. Dunlap, Houston, TX
David K. Ernest, Riverview, FL
Ray E. Garver, Clare, MI
James C. Hochhalter, Castle Rock, CO
Francis E. McGovern, Mount Laurel, NJ
James Mellody, Throop, PA
Thomas L. Monroe, Fort Wayne, IN
Liberto Pastor, Elmhurst, NY
Harvey J. Redmond, Mount Laurel, NJ
Lewis J. Turpin, Kingston, TN
Larry W. Wagley, Denton, TX
Floyd G. Webb, III, Tallahassee, FL

“The AAIA World Class Technician Award is for automotive diagnostic and repair professionals what the Super Bowl is for professional football players or the Stanley Cup is for hockey players,” said Kathleen Schmatz, AAIA president and CEO.

“Just imagine the knowledge and skills needed by a technician to pass 22 ASE tests. These folks are truly the best of the best and we are proud to be associated with them through our annual recognition in conjunction with ASE.”

Since the World Class Technician recognition was established 23 years ago, only 1,793 technicians have been honored. Recipients receive a special certificate signed by the presidents of ASE and AAIA, a toolbox plate and an embroidered shoulder insignia. Additionally, their name is perpetually inscribed in an honor book located in the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, MI.

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