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NAPA Filters Wins Coveted Spirit of NAPA Award for Ninth Time

For an unprecedented ninth time, NAPA has recognized NAPA Filters as its top supplier and awarded the filter company the Spirit of NAPA award for 2011. NAPA Filters is the only nine-time winner of the coveted award.

For an unprecedented ninth time, NAPA has recognized NAPA Filters as its top supplier and awarded the filter company the Spirit of NAPA award for 2011. NAPA Filters, manufactured by Affinia Global Filtration, is the only nine-time winner of the coveted award. 

"To be voted the best of the best by the largest automotive filter distributor in the world – not just once, but nine times – is truly something special," said Keith Wilson, president of Affinia Global Filtration/NAPA Filters, who accepted the award on behalf of NAPA Filters. "It takes leadership, commitment and innovation at all levels and within all department teams of our company. We are proud to be recognized for setting the standard for excellence in the automotive aftermarket."

NAPA Filters competed with hundreds of other NAPA suppliers on 10 rigorous criteria categories, ranging from product quality, line leadership and shipping performance to sales and marketing, customer service, technical and communications support and merchandising excellence.

"At Affinia, we pride ourselves on our steadfast commitment to exceptional customer support, innovative products and superior quality. Providing filtration products to the NAPA team for over 45 years has inspired us to continually embrace innovation and customer support at the highest level," said Terry McCormack, Affinia Group president and CEO. "It’s a tremendous honor to receive the Spirit of NAPA, and I truly couldn’t be more proud of our Filtration team."

Scott LeProhon, executive vice president of merchandizing and product strategy for NAPA, presented the 2011 Spirit of NAPA award to Wilson on behalf of NAPA Filters at the annual NAPA sales meeting in Atlanta.

"Going into 2011, we all knew how tough the sales environment was going to be, and NAPA Filters approached this challenge by energetically finding new ways to grow business at the NAPA Store," said LeProhon. "NAPA Filters has consistently demonstrated its dedication and talent for exceeding our expectations for quality and service in all aspects of their business. They deliver the products and support that make our company successful."

The Affinia Global Filtration team, with leading filtration brands including WIX Filters and NAPA Filters, has been designing, manufacturing and distributing filtration products for the automotive, diesel, agricultural, industrial and specialty markets since 1939.

Started in 1966, NAPA Filters was the first branded product under the NAPA name. NAPA is the world’s largest distributor of light and heavy duty filters in the automotive aftermarket, the company says, serving domestic and import vehicles sold in the U.S., as well as heavy equipment and industrial hydraulic applications. NAPA Filters are sold exclusively through NAPA AUTO PARTS stores.

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