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NACAT Education Foundation Launches ‘Hour Of Automotive Technology’ K-12 Educational Program


NACAT Education Foundation has announced the official launch of an “Hour of Automotive Technology,” a program devoted to helping K-12 students become exposed to career and technical education subject matter related to automotive technology. “Hour of Automotive Technology” allows teachers to access peer-reviewed, grade appropriate, one-hour science- and technology-based lessons that have been submitted by classroom educators or corporate trainers.


Lessons are actively being solicited and can be submitted through July 1. The program’s first year will culminate during the inaugural “Week of Automotive Technology,” Nov. 30 through Dec. 4, 2015, during which the one-hour lessons should be taught.

“The ‘Hour of Automotive Technology’ program is designed to allow optimal exposure to multiple subject matters and skill lessons,” said NACAT Education Foundation Executive Director James Curry. “We are not looking to make every student an automotive technician. While the lessons are related to concepts inherent in automotive technology, what we are looking to do is expose students, at all ages, to an appropriate level of the knowledge and skills that support the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Career Cluster as well as other science related clusters and their respective pathways. We hope this exposure will help plant a seed of illumination that can be cultivated into a conduit to future student success.


“An excellent outcome would be if the program helps fill the seats in automotive technology programs in the future. However, an equally excellent outcome would be if the program prompts students to follow any science, technology, engineering or mathematics career path. The absolute best outcome is if the program is able to reach a student who had not otherwise been reachable, helps keep that student actively engaged in school and provides the inspiration for the student’s future career.”

Curry further stated that companies are invited to donate funds, equipment and lessons to the “Hour of Automotive Technology” program. Donations of funds and equipment will be used to help offset educator costs associated with teaching submitted lessons. Submitted lessons can have the company logo present. Participation in the program will provide companies a great chance to get their brand in front of educators while they provide assistance needed to ensure students are reached.”


Program information, including how to submit a lesson or provide support, can be found at:

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