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Mr. Gasket Releases Assortment Of New Products

The products include additions to its line of performance head gaskets and the expansion of its assortment of quality fasteners.


Mr. Gasket has announced additions to its line of performance head gaskets and the expansion of its assortment of quality fasteners, including adel mount clamps and both steel and stainless steel GM LS bolt sets.

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Performance Head Gaskets: Mr. Gasket Performance head gaskets are ideal for stock replacement applications and are engineered to meet or exceed OE gasket and sealing specifications. These gaskets were previously only available in complete overhaul gaskets kits, but are now available individually. They’re ideal for daily drivers, muscle cars, street rods and any vehicle that requires stock-style gaskets.

Adel Mount Clamps: Mr. Gasket Adel mount clamps are a fast, easy way to secure fuel lines, wiring harnesses, brake hoses and transmission cooler lines, the company says. Available in packages of six, they prevent abrasion and are made of steel with an insulating rubber cover that protects hoses, harnesses and lines.

Thread Locking Compound: Mr. Gasket Thread Locking Compound is a simple, inexpensive way to prevent nuts and bolts from vibrating loose. Available in a 1/4-ounce tube in two different strengths – red for permanent locking and blue for fasteners that are removed frequently – it’s made of an anaerobic material that dries in the absence of air and cures between nut and bolt threads.

GM LS Bolt Sets: Mr. Gasket GM LS Bolt Sets are a way to upgrade timing cover, water pump, rear cover, oil pan and valley cover fasteners and enhance the look of any engine bay. Available in both steel and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, they come complete with small-diameter AN-style washers.

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