Moroso Ultra 40 Ignition Wire Set for LT Engines

Moroso Ultra 40 Ignition Wire Set For LT Engines

Wire Sets are constructed out of Moroso ULTRA 40, 7mm diameter ignition wire with 40 ohms of resistance per foot.

Moroso has introduced Part No. 73848 for applications that have Moroso LT billet aluminum valve covers. Wire Sets are constructed out of Moroso ULTRA 40, 7mm diameter ignition wire with 40 ohms of resistance per foot.

The ignition wires have black sleeving, which besides looking good, extends the spark plug wire’s life and protects against exhaust header heat, chaffing and contaminants. Sleeving also adds extra dielectric strength, which is the wire’s ability to not be affected by outside electrical pulses.

Each wire is terminated with heavy-duty, high-temperature, easy-pull/positive engagement spark plug boots and matching coil boots on the other end. Wires come complete and ready to install. 

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