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Maximize Mobile Column Lift Versatility With Forward Lift Accessories


Forward LiftForward Lift introduces several accessories that increase the versatility and ease-of-use of its FCH series of mobile column lifts. The fork reducer sleeves, riser kits, jack stands and LED lights allow shops to service a wider variety of vehicles and complete jobs more efficiently.


“FCH series mobile column lifts come with fixed forks that make the lifts easy to use and maintain,” says John Uhl, sales and brand manager for Forward Lift. “The forks are designed to be compatible with most large truck tires, but Forward Lift offers accessories that can expand the lift’s range of service to include vehicles with smaller tires. Using the accessories, shops that service any size vehicles can reap the convenience and flexibility benefits of FCH series mobile column lifts.”

To use an FCH series lift to service vehicles with tire diameters of less than 20 inches, Forward Lift offers reducer sleeves for the lift’s fixed forks. The steel reducer sleeves slide easily onto the forks and enable the lift to properly make contact with the vehicle’s tires. This allows technicians to service light-duty cars, trucks, SUVs and vans with the same lift they use for heavy-duty vehicles.


FCH series lifts can also be paired with riser kits to lift vehicles with tires that, when sitting on the shop floor, are too wide to fit within the fixed forks. Each large wheel riser kit comes with four ramps that can be placed on the shop floor. The technician then drives onto the ramps, which lift the vehicle slightly to allow the lift’s forks to pass underneath each tire.

To increase productivity, Forward Lift offers rolling jack stands that can be used to hold the vehicle once it is in the air. This allows the FCH series mobile column lift to be moved to another bay and used to pick up a different vehicle. The jack stands roll on heavy-duty casters that are spring-loaded, so they lower themselves onto their legs automatically as the vehicle’s weight is transferred off the lift. Each stand can be ordered with a capacity of 18,000 lbs. or 33,000 lbs. to meet the needs of any job.


Other optional accessories for Forward Lift’s FCH series of mobile column lifts include LED lighting for enhanced visibility underneath the vehicle and a weight gauge that can help prevent technicians from overloading the lift.

The battery-operated FCH series lifts can be used throughout the shop, and each column features lightweight, quick-connect communication cables that are arranged in a horseshoe shape. This leaves one end of the lift open at all times, allowing technicians to easily pull vehicles into and out of the bay. The 18,000-lb. capacity columns can be arranged in sets of four, six or eight to handle a variety of jobs.


For more information about the FCH series or any other product in Forward Lift’s full line of vehicle lifts, visit, contact your local Forward Lift distributor or call (800) 423-1722. Forward Lift is active on Facebook,, and Twitter,

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