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MAHLE Original Jeep 4-Liter Head Set Includes OE-Quality MLS Head And Manifold Gaskets

The company says the set (part No. HS5713A) includes all the parts ­- 46 pieces in total – that technicians need to do the job properly.


mahle-original-gasketsThe MAHLE Original head gasket set for 1999-2006 Jeep 4-liter, 6-cylinder engines feature OE-quality multi-layer steel (MLS) construction for both the head gasket and the intake/exhaust manifold gaskets. The company says the set (part No. HS5713A) includes all the parts ­– 46 pieces in total –­ that technicians need to do the job properly.

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mahle-original-gasketsThe head gasket in the Jeep head set utilizes 301 full hard stainless steel with an embossment on each layer at critical sealing areas for maximum sealing. The spring steel layers provide tension when compressed, keeping the joint tight and preventing the seal from being blown out. The MLS construction used in MAHLE Original gaskets is superior to composite gasket materials that do not match the OE design.

The intake/exhaust manifold gasket in the Jeep head set utilizes different sealing materials for the exhaust and intake manifolds because they seal dissimilar metals with different thermal expansion characteristics. The exhaust portion of the manifold gasket uses two layers of embossed tempered 301 stainless steel. The intake portion uses a single layer of embossed and tempered metal that is rubber coated and PTFE coated.

“You can see the difference with MAHLE Original gasket sets,” said Jon Douglas, general manager of MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “MAHLE Original gaskets match the OE gaskets for form, fit and function. Plus, we include everything the technician needs to get the job done. There are over 1,425,000 million vehicles in operation today that would use this head set. This shows that Jeep owners are as passionate about quality as MAHLE!”


MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. announced on June 30 that the new brand name for the gasket line would be MAHLE Original gaskets; these will be the same products sold in North America since well before MAHLE Aftermarket acquired the engine parts division from Dana Corp. in 2007. MAHLE says the Original gasket line will continue to offer the best coverage in the aftermarket across domestic, Asian, European and heavy-duty applications. “The company that has been behind this gasket line, is now the brand that is on them,” said Douglas.

The MAHLE Original gasket offering includes nearly 9,000 part numbers, covering 900,000 applications, with more than 1,200 exclusive part numbers not available from any other aftermarket supplier.

For more information about MAHLE Aftermarket and its brands, visit or contact your local sales representative.

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